How to protect CCTV cameras from theft

As a homeowner, having a CCTV camera to provide you safety can be crucial. However, you must protect CCTV cameras from theft and vandalism. 

Apart from the other factors that can damage or disable your camera. 

Keep in mind that your safety can be breached in multiple ways, as well as your camera. Let's take a look at the needed precaution to protect CCTV cameras from theft.

How to protect CCTV cameras from theft

protect CCTV cameras from theft

When it comes to protecting your camera from theft, it is a two-way street. 

Not only do you need to have a reliable camera with excellent features, but you must also put in some work as well.

Protect CCTV cameras from theft

Though theft is relatively common, especially with outdoor cameras, it is not the only factor that can have an effect on your camera's longevity.

Outdoor cameras are especially vulnerable due to their location and exposure to anyone who will encounter them. 

Therefore, they are the ones you should focus on as indoor cameras do not run the same risks.

Thieves can attempt to cover their tracks by disabling, damaging, stealing, or vandalizing the camera. However, placing the camera high can prevent theft.

Having the camera placed in a higher spot can keep thieves from easily reaching it, places such as a roof, tall tree, or high up on a wall. 

These spots keep the camera from reach as well as giving you the right angles to catch the criminal simultaneously.

Additionally, the type of camera and attachment can protect CCTV cameras from theft. 

For instance, bullet cameras have an extra layer of protection to keep them from the outside weather.

However, it also somewhat protects the camera from being easily stolen. However, other camera types are more exposed and, therefore, can be taken quickly.

Metal housings such as the ones that can be found on bullet cameras can provide extra safety and can be a great add-on to further protect CCTV cameras from theft.

You can also purchase skins of various colors to further hide the camera around its surroundings. 

Or hide it around the trees or even in a birdhouse to keep it from being spotted easily.

This can be especially perfect for the people who like to bird watch with CCTV cameras. Excellent idea to look at birds, the surroundings, while staying away from thieves.

In a bit of a jam

Cutting camera wires

When it comes to keeping you and your camera safe, it is not always only about theft. Though it is essential to protect CCTV cameras from theft, thieves might want what is inside.

Therefore, there are many ways in which they can temper or damage your camera, to keep themselves from getting caught red-handed. 

While some are harmless after they stashed your jewelry, others might just have you calling the insurance agency.

For example, jamming. Jamming is a way to use high frequencies to interfere with the camera's ability to transfer information to you. 

Therefore, keeping you from seeing what is going on while the thief takes a look around.

However, this is very uncommon and hard to execute. The same goes for looping still images in front of cameras for hours. Those will just have to stay in movies.

The disabling of cameras can be quite easy to execute. Just a snip snap of the cables, and there goes your cameras.

Wireless vs. Wired

Wyze Cam Night Vision Not Working

This is just one of the reasons why wireless cameras have such high popularity nowadays in residences worldwide. 

Apart from the countless amount of days in which one battery can last before being recharged.

Besides, the lack of wires can be a great benefit. When using wires to power the camera, thieves can end up cutting it as well as for squirrels and birds from messing with it.

However, when it comes to quickly removing the camera from its mount, having a camera with wires can make it harder for the thief. 

While other battery-powered cameras simply attach to their mounts with a magnet.

Meaning, when it comes to a magnetic mounting, there is a higher chance of it being stolen as it is easier to grab and take. 

Therefore both wired and wireless cameras have their ups and downs.

However, they both have their way of protecting CCTV cameras from theft. But features can be added on help when it comes to keeping them from falling into the wrong hands.


Features straight to your phone is one way to protect CCTV cameras from theft

When it comes to features, wireless cameras tend to have many to ease your use. 

Apps are incredibly accessible nowadays and have various features that can be set up for security purposes.

Alerts are one of plenty. With alerts, you can be aware when a motion was detected. 

However, you don't need to be alerted of every car that runs down your street. 

Therefore, the app allows you to mess around and customize it to your liking.

Other features give you the power to scan your family's faces, and when a non-familiar face is detected, you are alerted as well as when it hears weird noises in your home.

This goes to show you that in the world we live in today, technology has reached an impressive peak

A camera can now detect when it is being jammed—and even contacting the authorities when sensed.Night vision can also be beneficial to detect the thief. 

It can be done with any camera that contains infrared lights or white LEDs that are activated when movement is sensed.

Amongst many other extra features that can be found in various cameras.

The bottom line

As we have seen, in order to protect CCTV cameras from theft, we must focus on more than one factor. 

As well as having a reliable camera that can alert you of what is going on around it.

Therefore, there are plenty of methods to keep your CCTV camera away from thieves, and they are all accessible as well as inexpensive.

Let us know your favorite method to keep your camera safe down below! And don't forget to share the article.