How to Keep Neighbor’s Dog Away from your Yard

Not everyone is a dog person. Though I can’t relate, I can understand it. So, what are ways to keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard?

There are various tactics, both from your end and a legal way that you can take the initiative to keep the dog in the house it belongs in. Whether the dog is using your yard as its bathroom or is eating your plants, there is a solution.

Below you will find tips on keeping the neighbor’s dog away from your yard for good, what measures you should take, and when.

Dog jumping fence

Is it legal for my neighbor’s dog to be in my yard?

Well, it is your property, so much like uninvited guests, your neighbor’s dog should not be wandering into your home. Now depending on your and your neighbor’s relationship, you might allow the dog to stay there, and you don’t mind.

But that is usually not the case, and you probably want nothing to do with that dog at all. Though some state has the castle law– which allows homeowners to shoot intruders, do not shoot your neighbor’s dog!

There are various laws in place to regulate this behavior. In some cases, like the state of Virginia, there are animal control regulations in place that deal with this.

Thus, in Virginia, dog owners must keep their furry friends from doing their business in the correct places and must be on a leash or constrained in public spaces. 

Other states also support these regulations, so make sure you research what applies to you before taking more severe measures to keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard.

These rules might not apply everywhere, though. For instance, in the country of the Netherland, a trespassing dog that does its business in a neighbor’s yard can cost its owners a fine of 250 euros or so.

By doing this, owners will be more alert and keep this from happening again. However, it would be best if you did your research prior to taking any possible measures towards the situation.

Furthermore, search for the information online, preferably on .org/.gov websites. Or you can call your local police department to receive accurate information.

What NOT to do to keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard

Though I am sympathetic to the situation, you must handle it correctly, or it might backfire and get you in trouble. Treat the dog as you would a toddler. 

They are unaware of their actions and rely on someone to help them. So not shoot, hurt or poison the dog in any way. These actions might create legal issues for you.

Remember that the owner is at fault, and it is not the dog’s fault at all. Thus, the responsibility falls upon the owner. However, your actions towards the situation will determine the outcome.

For instance, a man was arrested and charged with “negligent discharge of a firearm” and “animal cruelty” after he shot his neighbor’s dog for doing his business in his yard. Don’t let this be you!

There are various ways to keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard that do not require any violence, so let’s take a look at some.

Keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard– Tips and Tricks.

I recommend going through these tips and tricks step by step, as the last tips are more intense and should be left for more serious issues that are frequently happening and causing you a lot of problems.

Talk and Communicate

Ever stopped to think that your neighbor might be unaware of what their dog is doing? It is incredibly possible. Dogs find holes in the fence, jump over it, or explore. It is in their nature!

So, you should knock on their door and explain the situation. They can work something out with you. Hopefully, they are understanding and apologetic about the situation.

Remember to be considerate of your neighbor. For instance, opt to go on a lovely weekend afternoon. Please don’t knock on their door super early or late, and avoid doing it after work as they are probably tired and more prone to be irritable.

If you are naturally hot-headed, wait until you calm down. The idea is that both of you should have a calm attitude approaching the situation to have the best communication possible.

Avoid pointing fingers or blaming people, as this can escalate the conversation. You might also want to lean into the conversation by talking about other things prior to mentioning the issue directly.

After making some small talk and conversing, introduce the issue at hand. If you have any solutions, add them to the conversation. Or ask your neighbor if they have any suggestions. 

It should be quite easy to get this done, even more if you and your neighbor have a good relationship.

Signs on Your Lawn

If your yard has more than one visitor creating problems, you might want to take it upon yourself to post signs on your lawn. For instance, a “No Tresspassing” sign can keep people out too, but you could opt for something more on topic.

A “Leash & Clean Up After Your Dog” might be more effective as it focuses on the issue of the dogs and not the trespassing. But it might just be up to you and what you want the sign to say.

Having a sign can say more than one thinks and can keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard. But it can also be helpful to warn anyone that walks by your yard. 

Install Security Cameras

If multiple of your neighbors have dogs, you might have to ask if it was their dog. But having proof is even better. Having cameras allows you to check the time and know precisely who’s dog has been in your yard.

Outdoor security cameras, whether wireless or wired, can do a great job in getting you proof of the dog in the act and having the footage to show your neighbor if they deny that their dog is doing their business in your yard.

You can check out the Nest Outdoor Camera, or take a look at my guide on how to choose the best outdoor security camera.

Furthermore, it will add a security measure to your home and make it that much safer. It will discourage thieves and intruders while allowing you to monitor who enters and leave your home.

You can also add a sign showing your house has cameras, such as a “24/7 monitoring” or “You are being filmed.” You can even post signs from the company that you use to monitor your home, such as an “ADT” sign.

Having footage can serve as evidence if you file a police report, but you should only turn to that if the severity of the situation continues to escalate and nothing is being done about the issue.

Offer Help

Reflect on why this is happening. Is your neighbor away from home all day? Does the dog get to walk very little? Maybe your neighbor is elderly and cannot properly walk the dog?

These issues can cause the dog to go to the bathroom in your yard, creating a bigger problem for you. So, being the bigger person, you might want to offer ways for the issue to stop.

It might be something small, like providing some doggy bags or recommending them a local dog walker. This will encourage your neighbor to act on the issue and do something about it sooner rather than later.

Deter The Dog

There are various natural ways to keep a dog from fascinating himself with your yard. If you like to garden, you might be interested in planting some new additions to your garden, such as citrus, rue, or citronella.

These plants are not harmful to dogs, but they tend to steer clear of them, so take a look at them. You might also want to buy some mothballs and spread them around to make the dog lose interest in your yard.

Other deterrents that keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard include sprinklers and ultrasonic pet repellent. To further keep dogs out, do not leave food or toys outside as it might attract them to hang out in your yard.

Fence Your Yard

If you have been thinking about fencing your home, what better time than right now? As mentioned before, dogs can find holes or jump through the fence. 

You might want to add more height to your fence and check for holes to avoid more issues. If you have the outdoor security cameras working, you might find out where the dog is coming from, making this process easier.

Depending on the fence, dogs, especially small ones, can dig under and make their way through. You may also want to add locks to your yard door to keep big dogs from opening it.

Contact the Authorities

Calling your local animal control can help you deal with the issue, but this should only be done after communicating with your neighbor. If nothing changes over a short period of time, like a week or two, and this issue is reoccurring, then call.

You will need to provide animal control with a location, the frequency of the issue, and your information. You might also be asked whether others in the neighborhood are experiencing this issue, so talk to your other neighbors.

After a couple of complaints, your local animal control department will need to speak to the owners or take some action towards the situation. Especially if you are not the only one in the neighborhood having this issue.

Legal Actions

You might also report the issue to your local police department, especially if there is any kind of damage to your property. In this case, the dog owner should be liable for the cost of repairing the damages.

If you have reached out and no action was taken, then you might want to turn in the evidence and possibly take your neighbor to court. You might even suggest that they pay for a fence for your home to keep their dog out of your yard.

Final Thoughts

As a dog owner, you must be cautious about where your dog goes to the bathroom. It’s important to always clean up after them as they are your responsibility, and the fault is on you if you do not. 

Take the necessary measures if your neighbor’s dog is constantly in your yard. As time goes on, you might have to increase the intensity of your actions to fix your problem as soon as possible.

Do what you need to to keep your neighbor’s dog away from your yard, but never resort to hurting the animal in any way! It might affect you more than you know in the long run as it might land you in jail.