How to install iVMS-4200 on MAC (OSX)

If you need to install the iVMS-4200 on MAC, this article is for you.

The Hikvision cameras are pretty popular and people usually want to use their mobile devices, computers, and laptops to watch the security camera live stream, so there are Apps and software available for phones, PCs and MAC. 

In this article, you will learn the step-by-step process to download and install the iVMS-4200 for MAC OS, so just keep reading...

Download the iVMS-4200 for MAC

To download the iVMS-4200 just visit the Hikvision website.

The easy way to find the link to the software is using the Google search.

Just open your web browser and type Hikvision OSX on Google...

Usually, Google shows the link for the iVMS-4200 on the top of the first page.

Just look for a link that contains the information about client software...

Make sure you download the iVMS-4200 for MAC (OSX).

You'll see the information about the NEW version, use this one...

Download Hikvision iVMS-4200 for MAC

By the time you are reading this article could be a new version available.

Hikvision always updates the software, so make sure to download the new version.

You can see the iVMS-4200.pkg download at the right top corner of the browser.

iVMS-4200 for MAC Download Package

Now you just need to initiate the installation process.

Installing the iVMS-4200 or your MAC

At first, your MAC won't let you install the iVMS-4200 because it's not recognized as software from an unidentified developer. But it's easy to fix. 

iVMS-4200 unidentified developer message

On the left top side click the apple icon and click System Preferences.

MAC OS System preferences

In the next menu click Security & Privacy.

MAC OS System Preferences Menu

In the next menu click the button Open Anyway.

MAC OS Security Preferences

In the next window just click the button Open.

MAC OS Open window

The installation window pops up, just click Continue.

Click continue button

Just click the Install button to begin the installation

Install Button

Usually, a window pops up asking for permission. If that happens just input your username and password to continue and follow the installation process...  

After finishing the installation you will see the following window.

Installation completed

Initial setup for the MAC OS

OK, everything is installed and now it's time for the initial setup

Just use the MAC spotlight search, look for the iVMS-4200 and click to launch it.

MAC spotlight search

The first time you launch the software it'll ask you to create a login password.

Just create a strong password and check the box to enable Auto-login.

iVMS 4200 on MAC OS create login password

After this step, you should see the splash screen and software is launched.

iVMS 4200 for MAC splash screen

Everything good... now it's time for the camera setup.

Camera setup

Everything good... now it's time for the cameras setup.

In the next window, just click the Enter Wizard button to begin the process...

iVMS 4200 for MAC wizard button

In the next window, just click the Show Online Devices to search for the cameras.

MAC Show Online Devices

Usually, a window pops up asking for permission again to allow the iVMS 4200 to look for the devices (cameras) in the network. You could be prompted several times (around 4X) and this is quite normal, just input the user/password when asked. 

MAC OS user password window

In the next window, just check the device you want to add to the iVMS-4200.

Click the button Select Device and your camera will be added to the software.

iVMS 4200 Adding Device 01

Just click Yes to confirm you want to add this device to the iVMS-4200.

iVMS 4200 for MAC click yes to confirm

In the next window, just give the device a nickname, input the username and password for the Hikvision camera or recorder and click the Add button.

iVMS-4200 Add Device Name

The next window shows the device added to the iVMS-4200.

iVMS-4200 Device added

The next window shows the camera group from your recorder.

In this case, there are 4 cameras connected to my DVR...

iVMS 4200 for MAC Added cameras

As you can see, there are 4 cameras from the DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

Click the Next button to go the next window, click Import All (see picture).

iVMS-4200 4 cameras

As you can see, all the cameras were imported and you can see each one of them in the small thumbnails on the left side, after importing them, click Next.

And that's the screen you want to see. A smiley face after the installation...

iVMS 4200 finished installation

Just click the finish button and the installation is done !

iVMS 4200 finished button

Camera Live View

After finishing the installation, open the main menu and click 

iVMS 4200 for MAC View Button

And congratulations, now you can see all your camera in the iVMS-4200.

iVMS 4200 for MAC 4 cameras

DVR and Network configuration

Just in case you don't know how to configure the Hikvision DVR or setup the network, please read the other articles available in this blog.

==> To learn more, read the article: How to setup a Hikvision DVR and the Hikvision DVR Network Setup.

Extra configuration

The iVMS-4200 is a powerful software and you can enjoy the extra features such as the email notification to alert you about the events in front of your cameras.

Want to learn more ? 

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