How to hide a spy camera

In this article, you will learn how to hide a spy camera well, while being inside legal regulations.

A security camera being visible can make a burglar think twice. However, some will still break into your property, so having hidden cameras is not a bad idea!

The benefits of hiding a camera in your home can be significant. If they are not located, they cannot be disabled by burglars or other people like housekeepers or babysitters in your home.

Why hide a spy camera?

There are plenty of cases in which a hidden camera can come in handy:

Whether you left your kids home alone or with a baby sitter, maybe you want to check on your elderly parents who do not want you to place cameras in their home. 

It could be a healthcare provider who steals from their elderly patient or a visitor to your home that robs you without your notice. 

Maybe you have an unwanted visitor who disabled your visible cameras.

Where to hide a spy camera

Primarily, this will depend on what type of camera you have. Nowadays, cameras are everywhere. Inside pens, charging ports, even fake plant pots. 

However, it is possible for you to place a real camera in a hidden area.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when attempting to find your perfect place for your camera.

The area needs to be well lit, enough so the camera can capture a person's face.

It must be positioned at an angle in which the camera can capture most of the room or spot you are trying to capture.

The sweet spot

Strategically placing cameras where they fit into the room seamlessly and blend in can make them even harder to find.

Hidden cameras are less likely to be discovered when disguised as everyday household items, such as:

Plushies and toys

hide spy camera in teddy bear

If you have a kid, place one inside a stuffed animal and leave it in the nursery. That way, you can ensure you've hired a great babysitter, and your kid is in good hands.

Curtain rods

Hiding them curtain rods can be of great advantage as they are high up and can cover a large area and are less likely to be spotted.

Pick up a good book

Take a book, maybe not your favorite, and hollow it out. Placing a camera, there is excellent, especially for teens who tend not to read! 

It can be an inconspicuous way to hide a spy camera. But make sure to place other books around it too! It makes it blend in a little bit better.

Plant it!

Artificial plants are fantastic places to sneak in a camera. You can place it behind the leaves or even cut a hole in the pot.

The more natural it looks, the better. Now you can watch your home and have home decor.

Achooo, bless me

Hide it in a tissue box! They can capture through the box's hole, and it can look so seamless and blend in quite easily.

Other places you can get creative with include medicine cabinets, home decor, paintings, and shelves or cabinets.

Rules and regulations

While going undercover and learning to hide a spy camera in your household might be fun, you also need to adhere to local regulations and know your limits.

For instance, you might be a property owner, wonder about apartment security camera laws and whether you can install cameras inside your property.

Primarily, the rules come from your state. In some states, you will be required to have consent to record someone. These can apply outside and inside your home.

For instance, a ground-rule is to not place cameras in private areas where people will change clothing or shower. This includes your kids' and teens' rooms too!

You must hide a spy camera in particular, appropriate open areas such as a kitchen or living room. Or other spaces outside, such as your lawn or backyard.

Remember not to place your camera looking into other's windows or backyards. You should never take someone's privacy away inside their own home.

The bottom line

You can hide a spy camera almost anywhere inside your home, as long as you follow your state's regulations. It can benefit you in many ways.

Keep a good watch on your babysitter, or keep a burglar from finding your camera by disabling it. So, where would you hide a spy camera?