How to enhance CCTV images

One of the main issues with identifying suspects on CCTV footage is that often the image quality is too low for identification. In this case, you need an AI  image upscaler to solve this problem. This post is about how to use the Istanto AI image enhancer to enhance the photo quality of CCTV footage.

How to upscale and enhance images from your CCTV security camera system?

Istanto has developed an AI image enhancer that will upgrade your image in just 30 seconds. It will not only enhance the quality of your photo but also enlarge it for you. Istanto uses state-of-the-art technology and the demo is free to use!

What causes this problem of low-quality CCTV images?

There are several causes why your security camera system produces low image quality. Here are a few:

1. Camera resolution too low

2. Motion blur (when suspects are moving fast)

3. Camera angle to suspect too steep

4. Camera too far away.

5. Low light conditions

In most cases, it is a combination of the above. But if there is one piece of advice to be given it is to position the camera lower and in such a way suspects have to pass close by.

The  AI photo enhancer on the Istanto website is always offering 2 results as they use 2 different deep learning models at the same time. It appears that some images perform better on the first model and some on the other. In this way Istanto has the highest success rate of all online image enhancement tools.

Better than Photoshop?

Enhancing images in Photoshop takes a lot of time and you have to have expert knowledge of this program to succeed in the enhancing process. But even then Photoshop is not the tool because it simply has no deep learning models behind it that can do the job. The AI solution of improves your CCTV image instantly without any knowledge.

For the really bad quality images Photoshop can be used to clean up the image. The AI image enhancer leaves in such cases some blurriness and error pixels which can be removed easily with Photoshop. The Istanto homepage is an example of this image enhancing process with the first cycle of the AI photo enhancer and then the clean process with photoshop.

Who is behind

A group of researchers Can in computer vision is eager to solve problems with a social impact.

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