How to delete Blink videos [ Quick Method ]

With so much footage you have to manage, you might want to get rid of a few. In this article, learn how to delete Blink videos.

Blink is a company on the rise for home security with their amazing lineup, including Blink outdoor and indoor cameras. They also have video doorbells that can monitor your front doorbell. And with the Blink app managing your footage is easier than ever!

Additionally, Blink makes affordable devices that are easily used, installed, and monitored. And lastly, it comes from a reputable manufacturer.

Note that by deleting videos, they cannot be restored and will be deleted permanently out of Blink’s servers. Thus, only erase videos that are not important or needed later on.

To delete footage, you will need to have the Blink app downloaded into your phone or smart device such as a tablet. To download, you can access the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.

In the app, you will have access to your cameras, and you can playback footage that was already recorded or watch it live. Additionally, you use two-way talk to communicate with someone on the other side of the camera, like a walkie-talkie. You can also adjust any needed settings.

As for the Blink’s default settings, your camera will record clips when any motion happens. This recording is then stored for viewing and review for up to 60 days.

The video clip is stored with a pre-recorded segment of 5-60 seconds of video and can be adjusted by users. This means that the camera saves a set amount of video before motion is detected.

For instance, if the pre-recorded segment is set to 10 seconds, and the motion recorded lasted 40 seconds, then a total of 50 seconds will be recorded and stored.

How to delete Blink videos

Before deleting your videos, you must first find the footage you want to delete on the playback mode inside the Blink app. After launching the Blink app, you can find the control bar at the bottom of the screen to access the playback option.

On the app, you will have access to your profile, settings, home screen, and, most importantly, your footage. You should see a Video Clip Icon that looks like a rectangle with a triangle inside it. Clicking it will take you to your recorded footage clips.

The clips are organized by the times they were recorded and the camera that transmitted the video. Clicking on any of them will start playing them automatically.

There are various ways to delete Blink videos, whether you are deleting while watching the clip or erasing multiple at once. Find out how below!

Delete multiple Blink videos at once

Though this feature cannot be found in older versions of the app, the newer versions can delete multiple videos at once. The procedure differs from Android to Apple.

Apple devices

Whether you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will have to launch the app and find the clips. Then click on “Edit,” select all the clips you want to get rid of, and then select “Delete” on the bottom right of the screen.

You can also choose the “Mark all” option, and this will select all the video clips, and you can delete them all simultaneously. 

Android Phones

To delete Blink videos on your Android phone, you have to press and hold the clip until you see a small trash icon emerges. You also have the “Select All” option, or you can manually select more additional clips to delete.

Delete Blink videos while watching it

It is possible to erase the videos while you review them, making it easy to watch and determine if you want to keep the footage. If you tap on the screen, you will see a video options menu emerge. 

On this menu, you will see options such as “Share” and “Live View.” There you will also find the “Delete” button; once you press it, the video will permanently delete itself.

Delete Blink videos without watching

Maybe you don’t need to review your videos and can just delete them instead. By simply swiping left on the video, you will see an option to delete the video emerge from the right side of the selected clip.

You can now press delete to permanently remove the video. Another way to delete it is to continue dragging towards the left side continuously until it is deleted.

Final Thoughts

To delete Blink videos, all you need is the Blink app and a couple of minutes to review your footage. Whether you watch and review them prior to deleting them is up to you.

You can also select various videos or ” Select All” to delete them all at once. Remember that the video clips will be gone and cannot be restored once deleted!

Similarly, Blink deletes the footage permanently from the cloud after 60 days, so save and download any video clips you want prior to deleting or before the 60 days are up.

If you are having issues being able to work your camera, you might have to reset your Blink camera. Find out how in the article!