How to choose a reliable security system for your home

Most burglaries occur during the day when owners are at work and children are at school. Homes that are covered by trees and fences are most often broken into so that you can’t see what’s going on inside from the road. Most break-ins occur during vacations and vacations. And, in many cases, a security system can prevent intruders from entering and save your valuables, nerves, and sometimes your health.

System Security
Smiling woman setting home security system with help of mobile application

Always be as concerned about your physical safety as about the emotional well-being you are. Make sure you have a great security system for your home. If you’re still in college and can’t find time for it because of the number of assignments, entrust some of them to edit my paper service to have time to deal with other urgent matters.

If you are thinking about how to make your home safe and protect your property from theft, this article will help you understand

  • What types of security systems exist;
  • What security systems are and what they include;
  • What to consider when buying;
  • Whether you can install and connect security systems yourself.

Alarm and intruder alarm system

Why do you need a burglar alarm system and what functions it performs?

All types of alarm systems can be divided into three categories:

  • Wired.
  • Wireless.
  • Hybrid.

Recently, wireless systems have become serious competition to wired systems, which for a long time were the leaders in the market of security systems. Wireless solutions are easy to install and have additional features that enhance the security of objects. Now it is not just a burglar alarm system, but a home security and home security system that is easy to install and maintain.

Types of protection

Signal Tamper Protection

The presence of device authentication makes it impossible to spoof and therefore disable the system and control sensors remotely on behalf of the owner.

Scanning protection

Encrypted data transmission channel prevents interception of the signal from the hub to the sensor and vice versa.

Signal jamming protection

Jamming is used to prevent the transmission of alarms in wireless security systems. It can be applied to individual sensors or the security system as a whole.

Control via smartphone

Having a mobile app to control all sensors from a smartphone would be a definite advantage. Switching the alarm on and off, notification of the alarm, which sensor is triggered, and in which room. With the camera system connected, you can see everything that happens in the house or office in the app from anywhere in the world.

What is an access control system?

An access control system is the control of access to a building or specific rooms. Access control systems reduce the risk associated with data and merchandise theft and increase employee safety. They are usually installed with two- or multi-factor identification. This may require a magnetic card and password.

Video Surveillance

One of the biggest benefits of video surveillance is the ability to know what’s going on in your home or apartment while you’re away. Whether you’re checking on your children, housekeeper, pets, or exotic jewelry collection, a home surveillance video camera will be a great way to monitor what’s going on from a distance.

Integrating Alarm and Video Surveillance

Modern systems allow you to combine security systems and video surveillance in a single mobile application. Data transmission is done via RTSP, currently the standard in the video surveillance market. All cameras whether professional or amateur use RTSP protocol.

Video surveillance with cloud recording

Most home surveillance cameras use cloud services to store and provide remote access to footage. This means that videos recorded by the camera will not be stored on the camera itself. Some models have microSD card slots and the video is recorded in the camera itself.

Video Intercom with Recording

To increase the security of your home or business, installing a video intercom can provide an extra layer of access control to your property. It will allow you to remotely check visitors and open doors.

Intercoms and video intercoms

In a home or apartment, it is important to know who is at the front door when the doorbell rings. With a video intercom, you can see who is at the door without having to open it or answer the bell.

Types of home security systems

Home security systems that secure your suburban home can be categorized into several types:

Autonomous security systems

Triggering of a motion sensor when there is an intrusion in the apartment

This includes home security alarm systems. The best home security systems usually consist of sensors that can automatically monitor intrusion, glass breaking, jamming, and detaching sensors.

Audio and video surveillance system

These systems differ in that they include audio recording devices and video cameras to track and record video indoors or outdoors.

Access control systems

These are various devices that control the opening of doors, gates, electronic locks, and other mechanisms that allow access to certain rooms or areas.

Smart Home System

This type provides not only a security and alarm function but also controls the electricity, gas, and water supply. It can schedule appliances to turn on or off, heat the house when the owner arrives, and shut off gas, electricity, and water in the event of a fire or leak.