How to change the camera name on Hikvision NVR or DVR

In this article, I show how to change the camera name on a Hikvision NVR or DVR.

The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes.

Let's see how it's done...

How to rename the cameras via a Web browser

When you log in to the NVR via a web browser, it's possible to see the screen's left side's camera names, as shown in the picture below.

Follow these steps to change the camera name on Hikvision DVR, NVR or IP cameras. In just a few steps you can rename your Hikvision surveillance cameras the way that works better for you. It’s always recommended to have your cameras renamed properly, that way it’s easier to monitor them and more intuitive when doing playback or backing up the footage.

The Hikvision NVR gives these names and not by the camera itself.

You can change rename the cameras in the recorder (DVR/NVR) OSD menu.

Here's the step-by-step on how to do it.

  • Open the camera via a web browser;
  • Click the "Configuration >> Image" menu;
  • Change the camera name on the right side of the screen;
  • Click the "Save" button.

The picture below shows the details.

Hikvision OSD Settings

You can also click the checkboxes to display the date/week and change the camera's date format  and name position on the screen.

And it's done. Pretty simple, huh?

I recommend renaming your cameras according to the place they are installed because it helps to identify where the events took place.

You can also use the DVR or NVR interface to change the camera's name.

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