How to cancel a security camera contract

When you sign a contract, you don't plan on breaking it. However, sometimes you need to and it can end up costing you. But you can learn to cancel a security camera contract without any penalty.

Cancel a security camera contract

Have you ever heard that it is easier to get into things than out of them? Well, contracts fall into this rule!

And companies use the cancellation as an opportunity to charge you expensive fees for canceling the contract early. Apart from that, they can also make your credit fall too.

But you do not need to sit there and accept it. There are plenty of solutions to it, though you should not take this as an opportunity to get away with multiple companies.

Remember to use these methods knowledgeably and responsibly. So, keep reading to learn how to cancel a security camera contract without penalties to your wallet or credit.

Understanding a security camera contract

 Before canceling any contracts, we must understand what the agreement between you and the company is.

These contracts are usually signed by you with an alarm company that monitors your security and has a set amount of money you must pay monthly.

This monthly change can range in price depending on the company and its services. However, that might not be the only cost that falls onto your bill.

Each company is different and can include distinct plans and costs for each provided service or equipment. The price you want and can pay is up to you to decide.

Though keep in mind there are costs for purchasing the equipment and a separate cost for installing. Some companies give out free installations with purchases, others charge a one cost fee, or even a fee per device you want.

Additionally, you might pay monthly to have alarms, storage for your footage, or extra services from the company. And all this money can add up very quickly.

Do keep in mind that in some contracts, you are not allowed to keep the equipment when the contract ends or is broken. 

You must then return it all to the company. However, this only happens if you do not own the security system and are loaning the equipment.

Contract length

Contract length

Not only is installing cameras through a whole house just to go take it down is a waste of time for the company, but it is also a waste of money for you.

Therefore, they try to make contracts as long as possible to keep renewing the contract for years to come. Usually, they aim for the highest amount of years you are willing to sing with, but it is mostly from 2-5 years.

This is where you must be careful. If you plan to cancel a security camera contract, you should do it before it automatically renewals. Meaning, the contract in on to its next year.

If you cancel a security camera contract in improper ways you might have to pay fees for breaking the contract or lower your credit.

However, by taking the right path on canceling the contract you can keep your clean record of credit and keep your pennies too!

How to cancel a security camera contract

We've seen that fees and bad credit can be the consequences of termination of a contract earlier than the ending date.

Therefore, you are here to find a solution on how to cancel a security camera contract in a way that will keep your credit up and charge you nothing at all,

Let's take a look at some effective methods to terminate your contract in a smart way! 

Review the contract

Looking over to cancel a security camera contract

Have you ever noticed that if you read the same book you read in high school once you are in college it seems like the story totally changed? Or did it ever occur to you that you constantly learn new words?

Well, get some reading glasses and sit in a comfortable spot. The first method is to review your contract. And I am aware that it sounds boring and all but it is crucial.

To cancel a security camera contract you must first be aware of the terms and conditions that your contract has. 

Pay close attention to the clauses that mention your automatic renewal, contract lasting period and contract termination. 

The majority of companies mention the reasons why you can terminate your contract without any penalties. These reasons might include:

  • Malfunctioning products
  • The company fails to provide service
  • Outdated home security models
  • Return of product before the trial expires (Usually 30-60 days)
  • Moving to another area that is not covered by the company

By reading over the contract you can find information on what your company allows you to cancel for. However, be careful as some contracts must be terminated before they renew for another year.

Looking at your contract can also show you that you only have a certain amount of time left, and you might be better off just waiting it out.

If you find the list of reasons in which you are allowed to terminate the contract, then you can cancel a security camera contract with a notice to the company.

Additionally, you should keep a hard copy of the contract with you as evidence, which you can ask your company to send over at any time.

This is a smart way to protect your rights and have your termination purpose stored with you.


This could end up being a win-win, especially if your company does not cover the area you will move into.

Most companies allow you to move and keep the same contract, the most they will charge is for a moving and installation fee.

While others will not allow you to take the equipment with you and you will have to buy a whole new system.

If you are moving somewhere in which the company does not cover, which can happen a lot when moving abroad, you will be able to cancel a security camera contract without penalties.

You can claim a free cancellation because the company cannot provide for you and the services you are and have been paying for.

No better time to go live abroad somewhere for a month or two! This can give you the perfect reason to move, or travel. However, it might not be a solution for everyone.

If this one does not work for you, keep on reading!

Transfer the contract to somebody

Sell house to cancel security camera contract

Another possibility is to offer your security contract to close friends or family members who want to invest in one. 

You might have to pay to get the cameras moved, however, it is better than paying fees for something you will never use again.

Apart from that, you can also offer it to someone that is interested in buying your house. Not only does this make the cost of the house higher, but you also get rid of another problem.

The new owners might be interested in using the existing and installed equipment and pay for the rest of the contract to keep their house safe.

Additionally, this is something that these companies encourage people to do when moving out or selling their house.

Month-to-Month Plans

Instead of signing up for a long term contract, you can get the benefits and pay on a month-to-month basis using monitoring services.

These services even allow you to cancel or switch to another company anytime you want. Giving you the freedom you want.

However, you must be careful as the contract can include your alarms. And if you switch to a monthly basis company, your alarm might not be useful.

If you are not sure if this is your case, call your current company to make sure you will not have to pay separately for an alarm.

If you do not want to pay the fees for monitoring each month and want to cancel a security camera contract, you can apply to have security cameras without having monthly fees.

Terminate contract with proper notice

If you aren't selling your house, or moving, or find a friend so sell it to, you might just have to send a termination letter to the company.

Companies accept both termination letters or cancellation calls to end a contract. However, a letter is usually preferable as they keep it in their records and files.

With the letter, apart from being proof you requested termination, it is also a receipt for your file. But when writing a letter, you should include key things to keep it simple and easy for the agent to help you.

Including things such as your account number is incredibly helpful, especially if you don't know whose name the account is on, and big companies end up having clients with the same name. 

To write a good termination letter, make sure to include:

  • Your first, middle and last name
  • The expiration date of the contract
  • Account or service number
  • The date in which you want to terminate your contract
  • Reason for your choice to terminate the contract
  • Other requirements stated by the company, or contract
  • Your signature

Remember that since many things nowadays are online, you should include the mailing day if sent as an email. This is crucial. 

The company might renew your contract before termination if you do not specify the date. Make sure you also manage to get your digital signature too!


Confirmation of cancellation

After purchasing any item, what do you get? A receipt! Not only is it a way to show that you bought it but when too.

When the contract is officially terminated, follow up with an email to double-check. Apart from it being easy, and can be done by email, it gives you peace of mind too.

To avoid paying for services you are not receiving, check that your contract did get terminated and ask for a confirmation letter ass your receipt.

Make sure it states all your correct information, and that the contract was indeed canceled. This may sound silly. But it can save you money at the end of the day. It never hurts to check!

Chose another provider

Having a bad experience with one company might make you want to quit. However, it might be worth your time to find another provider.

Make sure to do your research. If any of your friends or family have a provider ask them about it. Watch reviews and read the comments. Believe me, it might make a difference.

When switching to a new provider, analyze what you did not like about the last one. Before you sign the contract, reflect and think about it.

Here are some questions to keep in mind, and ask your agent:

  • Will I need to buy new equipment, or could I use my own?
  • Could the providers use my existing system?
  • Is my equipment outdated?
  • Do the services meet my needs?  
  • What are the features that are included?
  • How do others feel about this company?
  • What do the reviews say?
  • Is my agent offering me the best price?
  • Could I add more features?
  • How does the price compare to other companies?
  • Is it worth it? How long will the contract last?
  • Will I move out of my house anytime in this time frame?

How long will the contract last? Will I move out of my house anytime in this time frame? 

Another option is for one company to provide the termination letter to your current provider.

They do this by agreeing to buy out the rest of the contract. Therefore switching from one company to another.

Keep in mind that some fees might be added for multiple reasons. However, you can switch to your new provider.

Legal action to cancel a security camera contract

Legal actions to cancel a security camera contract

If nothing is working for you, and your company is not cooperative, you might have to take legal action.

Though unfortunate, when dealing with a company like this it might be your only choice.

These could be companies that do not have renewal clauses, do not warn you or properly let you into what is happening.

You can take this up with an attorney and attempt to take legal actions to break and terminate the contract. This choice is when worst comes to worst!

The bottom line

Hopefully, you find a way out of your contract before having to get to extreme measures.

But please let us know hat is your favorite company down in the comments! Have you ever had to cancel a security camera contract?

Let us know how you did it. And share your story with others so we can help others in the same situation.