How to access public surveillance cameras

In this article, I talk about how to access public surveillance cameras.

Nowadays, there are thousands of public surveillance cameras online on the Internet. People are very interested in getting access to them due to curiosity or thinking it's possible to sneak into somebody else's camera.

Let's talk a little bit about those cameras available on the Internet.

Live Street Cameras

Most of the live street cameras belong to the government, and you don't suppose to have access to them unless they are meant to be used for such application.

Traffic surveillance cameras are the most common ones around cities. They are carefully installed and positioned to capture vehicles illegally parked, reckless drivers, or criminals using public streets to run away.

Yeah, sometimes you can have access to this type of surveillance camera as a part of a courtesy offered by the city or state you live in. Pretty cool, huh?

The picture below shows an example of Florida live traffic cameras.

Public traffic camera in Florida

Those types of traffic surveillance cameras are usually monitored by the local police department or some traffic agency designated by the local authorities.

To find more of these cameras, type on google "live streaming traffic cameras".

Live Beach Cameras

You can also search on Google using the city name and the string "live camera".

For instance, searching for "Miami Live camera" on Google returns the result of Sea Miami and Miami Beach Webcams in the first result. The second result is also for Miami Live Beaches, with many public cameras not protected by a password.

Google Search Miami Live Cameras

As you can see, there are many cameras available to choose from.

You just need to choose one and click to load it. They are not password-protected, and you can watch them live without any restriction.

Miami public cameras

You can search for the online beach cameras per city, just type the city name and the string "Live Camera", it's pretty easy to find some positive search results.

Live home security cameras

That's a popular search term because people like to play the "Big Brother's Game". There are many ways to watch live home cameras; you just need to pick one.."

There are many unsecured cameras live out there on the Internet, and some sites even list them to show people the risks of having a camera on the Internet.

The picture below shows an example of home security cameras on the Internet.

As you can see, it's a risk the user may be aware of and protect the camera to avoid people sneaking into their private lives.

==> To learn more, read the article: How to view unsecure camera live

Some people deliberately place cameras online in their homes and list them on the Internet. However, it's recommended not to have cameras in private locations.

List of sites with public surveillance cameras

Here's how to access public surveillance cameras via websites.

Take a look at the following list.

EarthCam A public website that allows you to view live cameras from different places around the world. You can watch city places, construction areas, bird nests, beaches, tourist hotspots, stadiums, arenas, zoos, and a lot more for free. 

Insecam: This is a website with thousands of live surveillance cameras around the world. A lot of them are located in homes, small businesses and restaurants.

Miami Beach Webcams: Public surveillance cameras are available on this site to allow visitors to watch the beautiful beaches in the Miami area.

Live Beaches: This website is awesome. It lists live beach cameras around the United States; it's pretty organized, easy to navigate, and find the beach you are looking for.

Florida 511: Want to know how is traffic in Florida? This website lists public traffic surveillance cameras around the state. Check it before hit the road 🙂

The bottom line

Now you know how to access public surveillance cameras and watch live videos from different places. Just make sure you are using this camera wisely.

If you see some type of abuse, please report it to the authorities.

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.