How many Wyze Cam you can daisy chain?

Have you tough about how many Wyze Cam you can daisy chain to avoid using too many outlets to power them up? Let's discuss this topic... 

Wyze USB cables for Daisy Chain

The USB port on the back of the camera is used to daisy chain other cameras, which means you just need to use a USB Type-A to Mini USB cable to connect them using just one power supply.

How many Wyze Cam you can daisy chain

It's recommended to daisy-chain a maximum of three Wyze Cameras.

This number refers to the Wyze Cam V2 since the Wyze Pan has a motor to take care of the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) it's not a good idea to daisy-chain them.

There's no official limitation on how many cameras can be daisy-chained but the Wyze team recommendation is based on the fact that the power supply won't be able to keep more than that working as expected.

How to daisy-chain the Wyze Cameras

In the back part of the Wyze Cam, there's a mini USB input that is used to connect the cable that comes from the power adapter. (see the picture below).

Wyze Cam Mini USB connector

There's also a USB Type-A connector that most of the time is not used unless you want to have your Wyze Cam working as a webcam or if you bought a second camera and want to use this port to send the power to it.

Wyze Cam USB Type A

To have two or three cameras sharing the same power supply, you just need to buy an extra USB Type-A to Mini USB cable and daisy-chain them as shown below.

Wyze Cam Daisy Chain

This way of connecting your Wyze cameras can save you time and money and avoid the use of extra outlets around your home. Pretty cool, huh?


You can try to install more than 3 cameras, but just make sure you are not installing too many of them using long cables that can affect how much power the cameras will receive (the voltage drops over long cables).

The power adapter that comes with the camera is for 5V and 1000mA.

Wyze Cam power adapter

You could buy a powerful adapter but, it's necessary to consider the voltage (5V) and the current (1000mA) and as I said before, the voltage drops over long distances and you can't increase it over the 5V because it will burn your cameras.

On the other side, you can have a power supply with more than 1000mA to power all the cameras. Let's say you buy a 5V/2000mA power adapter, you could install more cameras as long they are not that far to keep the voltage at the correct level.


According to the Wyze Labs, it's recommended to daisy-chain up to 3 Wyze Cameras as long as they are not Wyze Pan and you are using certified cables that can handle the power to all of the devices.

Please consider buying a powerful adapter if you want to power more than three cameras using this method and don't use long cables.

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