How Long Are ADT Videos Saved in the server?

ADT’s servers store millions if not billions of minutes of footage. Yet, there is a limit to everything. Let’s discuss how long ADT videos are saved.

Many ADT users may need the answer to this question, as they must know how long their footage is available before it vanishes. The footage is stored on ADT’s cloud and can be accessed by users at any time. Nevertheless, these videos are not stored forever. 

ADT’s cloud footage is stored for up to thirty days through the ADT Pulse App. Beyond that, the footage is erased and recorded over with new footage, thus creating a cycle.

For instance, to better understand this, if the oldest video in the cloud was January 1st, it will then be erased, and February 1st will take its place. So on and so forth.

Thus, if any videos are valuable and will be needed in the future, you must download them within that thirty-day period, or else they will vanish. Videos can be downloaded from the cloud via the app and can be stored on external devices like USBs, external hard drives, or a personal computer.

A compelling example of why you must save videos is police reports. If something happened in your home or business and you have proof, you must save it. Reports and court hearings can go on for months, and ADT videos are kept for a maximum of 30 days.

If you do not save your footage, you will no longer have access to them as the videos will overwrite themselves, and you will be left videoless.

How long do ADT videos save for?

It can depend on the user’s subscription plan. The most common time offered by ADT is 30-day footage storing.

However, you may save the footage for 24 hours or even two weeks; it depends on your needs and wants. You can go up to 3 months (90 days) which is highly recommended for businesses rather than homes.

By default, ADT videos are saved for a total of thirty days before starting the automatic recycling process of taping over the oldest footage and begins storing the newest.

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How ADT videos are saved

Videos can be accessed directly through the ADT Pulse App, that stores all security footage from any connected ADT cameras. Through the dashboard, you can access all the recordings.

The videos themselves are stored on a remote server, commonly referred to as a cloud. These files are encrypted and then uploaded through the internet to the remote servers. Once stored, users can access, download, screenshot, and playback the recordings.

Is ADT footage recorded continuously?

ADT systems do capture footage all the time but only store the footage when motion is detected. Apart from saving space, it optimizes the footage for the user to watch and review the most crucial parts.

Therefore, it can be said that the system is up 24/7, but only when motion is detected is the footage saved, first locally, then in the remote servers for user access.

By default, your ADT camera will store a total of ten additional seconds to your recording, five before and five after the motion is detected. If you would like to alter these settings, you can do so in the app.

To clarify, if a motion last ten seconds on screen, you will receive a twenty-second footage as five seconds will be added to the beginning and end of said video.

If any connectivity issues arise, a wireless camera might have issues recording. However, if you are using a hardwired camera, the footage will be stored regardless of whether there was a loss in connection or not.

Furthermore, settings can be changed to your preferences. You can configure the ADT camera to record continuously when motion is detected or only at specific times. Additionally, you can play with the recording parameters or even set it up to record when you aren’t home.

Retrieving deleted ADT footage

As previously mentioned, ADT videos are saved for a set amount of days. After that period, do not waste your breath as you will not be able to retrieve said footage. 

Besides being overwritten, the video is not stored in backup storage and has vanished forever. This is why it is crucial to download and store your needed videos.

To download ADT videos, enter the ADT website and use your credentials to sign in. Once inside, open the Video tab and click on Saved Video Links. There you will find all video footage available for you to download.

Remember to name them, and save them in a secure location, whether it be your external hard drive, phone, personal computer, or USB flash drive.

Furthermore, footage can also be accessed through the ADT Pulse app or software and is located on the Saved Video menu. There you will have the option to:


As the name suggests, you can have access to your footage and download it and store it digitally for as long as you would like. Since ADT videos are saved for a certain period, ensure you get this done before the video footage vanishes.


If you are saving essential clips, such as a robbery, title them accordingly to make sure you have them organized. This way, you can locate them quickly and make sure to add the timestamp on the file’s name.

Change Footage’s Description

Add in a short explanation of the happenings of the video so you can later interpret and identify the footage better.

Playback Footage

This last function allows users to scroll through all their saved footage and view it. You will have the options to pause, play, reverse and fast-forward the footage.

Final Thoughts

Now you are aware that ADT videos are saved for default of thirty days, it could be less, could be more, but that is entirely up to you! Just remember to save the vital footage in a safe location before the footage vanishes.