Hikvision cloud recording to One Drive

Want to know how to record Hikvision IP camera to One Drive?

In this article, I show the step-by-step to accomplish this task.

It's possible to upload the footage from your DVR, NVR, or IP camera to the cloud and keep it safe there for as long as you want; it all depends on how much space you are allowed to use on your One Drive account. 

Let's see how it works.

How to record Hikvision cameras to One Drive

The first step to record your Hikvision camera or DVR to One Drive is to enable this feature (available only in some models).

Here are the step-by-step to enable the Hikvision One Drive recording.

  • Open a web browser and log in to the camera or recorder;
  • Open Configuration > Storage > Storage Management > Cloud storage;
  • Click the checkbox to enable the feature;
  • Click the "Get" button';
  • Sign-in to your One Drive account;
  • Copy and paste the authorization code;
  • Click the checkbox to enable the "Event Upload";
  • Configure the Schedule Settings and choose the stream;
  • Enable the motion detection feature;
  • Link the event to "Upload Pictures to Cloud".

The pictures below illustrate the process.

Login to the device.

Login to Hikvision camera

Enable the Cloud Storage and click the "Get" button.

Enable One Drive on Hikvision Camera

Copy and paste the "Autorization Code"

One Drive Authorization Code

Enable the "Event Upload"

One Drive Authorization Code

Configure the device schedule.

Hikvision DVR configure schedule

Select the stream type.

Hikvision DVR choose substream

Enable the motion detection feature.

Hikvision NVR enable motion detection

Enable the feature to uplolad the picture to the cloud

Hikvision linkage upload to the cloud

And it's done.

Now your Hikvision device can upload a backup to One Drive.

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