Hikvision Playback Failed (Solved)

This article explains how to fix the error "Playback Failed" or “No Record File” on Hikvision devices. A message "No Match Record Files" usually also shows up.

Hikvision playback failed

The issue is related to the HDD or micro SD card recording.

How to fix the Hikvision Playback Failed error

Here are the steps to fix the Hikvision Playback Failed error

  • Log into the Hikvision camera or recorder;
  • Go to Configuration >> Storage >> Storage Management;
  • Select the HDD or Micro SD card;
  • Click Format;
  • Go to Configuration >> Storage ?> Schedule Settings;
  • Select the Record Schedule tab;
  • Click the "Delete All" button;
  • Create a new Recording Schedule.

Be aware that all the data will be erased, and any recording will be lost.

After these steps, you can set up the recording schedule again.

The pictures below show the complete process...

- Format the HDD

Hikvision playback failed format HDD

- Delete the Record Schedule

Hikvision playback failed erase all

- Create a New Recording Schedule

Hikvision playback failed continous recording


Perhaps you can face a problem related to HDD or micro SD not recognized.

If that's the case, please remove the storage and insert it again.

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