Hikvision NVR automatically display cameras (Enable Auto Display Live View)

In this article, I explain how to enable the auto display live view on a Hikvision NVR so you can have the cameras automatically displayed after the login.

The picture below shows an example of the cameras displayed at the same time.

Hikvision NVR Displays all the cameras

As you can see, the four cameras are shown as soon as I log in.

How to enable the Auto Display Live View

Here are the steps to enable this feature on a Hikviison NVR.

  • Use a web browser to login to the NVR;
  • Go the menu "Configuration >> Local";
  • Enable the "Auto Start Live View" feature;

The picture below shows the details.

Hikvision NVR Auto Start Live View

And it's done. Pretty simple, huh?

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