Hikvision iVMS-4200 error code 23 HCNetSDK.dll(23)

If you are using the Hikvision iVMS-4200, sometimes you can face error code 23:

"Failed to search the event triggered video. Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[23].(Not supported.)"

This error is related to the smart playback, so let's talk about it...

What causes the error code 23?

The iVMS-4200 acts like a recorder, that's the reason for the name PC-NVR.

So, the software is a Network Video Recorder running on a regular PC, and sometimes that leads to errors related to the communication with the devices.

By devices, I mean the IP cameras and recorders which can have special features such as the VCA (Video Content Analysis) that can cause errors such as the 23 one.

When trying to playback videos with the "smart events" on the iVMS-4200 the software shows the alert "error code 23 HCNetSDK.dll(23)" referring to the issue caused by the lack of support to this feature.

Basically the error code 23 means: "The device does not support this function."

Is there a solution for the error code 23?

Unfortunately, there's no solution to this problem on the iVMS-4200.

But you can use a Hikvision NVR to work with the VCA features.

Perhaps in the future new updates to the software could bring some good news and fix the error, but you just need to wait for that day to come.

Meanwhile, just avoid searching for the smart events related to the special VCA features of the devices and everything is going to be fine

It's just a minor issue and not really a big deal, you can live with it.

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