Guide to the Best Security Camera for Your RV or Camper

Guide to the Best Security Camera for Your RV or Camper

Camping can be a relaxing experience. It’s an opportunity to unwind from the chaos of everyday life. This is the reason why the owners of RVs travel. They occasionally forget to take security measures.

It’s not unusual for individuals to leave their vehicles or travel trailer locked when they go to their RV parks. However, this makes it easy for thieves to attack.

Although you shouldn’t spend all day fretting about your RV being taken away, it’s an excellent idea to be ready.

Installing an RV security system is an excellent place to begin when you are looking for ways to ensure the safety of your RV! Security systems aren’t just ideal for when you use your RV; however, they can be beneficial in the off-season. They give you peace of mind throughout the year in the simplest sense.


Things to Consider When Choosing an RV Security System

In the case of RV security cameras, there are many options available! It’s a bit overwhelming. We’ve broken it down into the main components you need to consider before deciding on the best security solution for a camper trailer.


I install new equipment on my vehicle; I’m aware that I want it to be easy. There are numerous security cameras for RVs which are challenging to set up. However, just enough quality cameras can be installed.

Why do you have to make your life harder than it should be?


One of the most helpful security features of a security camera for RVs is a motion sensor. It will notify you when suspicious activity occurs in the vicinity of your RV. Most cameras issue an alert when motion sensors are activated by an SMS message or other notifications.


Alarms for windows and doors are the most sought-after accessories for alarm systems. The simple-to-install door sensors and window sensors sound alarms or notify you when a window or door is opened.

Alongside motion detection, these alarms can also double for glass break detectors.


Numerous RV security systems provide various monitoring options. Some of them can be monitored via your mobile device, and others can be monitored using your computer, while other systems have both. It would help if you decided which one is the most effective for your needs.

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Most burglaries happen at night, under the shadow of the moon. The most effective RV security system has an adequate night vision capability. So you’ll be able to observe what’s happening on the outside of your RV if you have to.


It may be beneficial to purchase a camera with a GPS locator built-in. The camera receives signals that identify its pictures and videos with the position and time of the day. This could help locate stolen RVs and prove when and where an incident was committed.


Specific cameras are equipped with an emergency button. The button can send emergency personnel, such as police or fire departments.

A panic button could increase your security during a violent crime. It is also helpful in an emergency, for example, a natural catastrophe.

Once you’ve got an idea of what features to look for in a security camera for RVs, look for other necessary considerations.

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Where to Place RV Cameras?

Here are the top places to put your RV cameras to provide the most excellent coverage:


Secure the area around an RV’s perimeter is different from securing the exterior of a traditional home.

Although the camera’s location on the outside remains essentially the same no matter the size, you go on your adventures. However, you may need to make minor adjustments to account for the following factors:

  • Is there only one way to lead to your RV, or are there multiple roads?
  • Are you in an area that has an excellent view? Are trees blocking your view?
  • Are you alone, or are there campers nearby?

If you attach cameras to the sides of your vehicle, you need to make sure there aren’t blindspots. How you accomplish this will be contingent on the particular dimension of your car; however, it’s a good idea for you to keep a camera keep an eye on:

  • Front of the RV.
  • The entire length of your car is from both ends.
  • The rear of the RV.

Be sure that the cameras on your side are situated at an appropriate level to provide entry points and record those looking around in detail but not within reach of snoopers.

Points of Entry

Each entry point needs to be monitored to ensure security from your front door to your back door. The cameras you employ to guard your property can help you identify the entry points, but so is installing a doorbell wireless camera.

Many doorbells with video feature motion detection as well as two-way voice capabilities. Therefore, you can see and speak to anyone at the door to ensure the camera and phone have a Wi-Fi or LTE connection.

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Security cameras that monitor your RV’s exterior and entry points can discourage criminals, but they won’t keep it from happening. If the deterrent doesn’t work, ensure that you’ve got the items you need to prove your case to the police and your insurer. Install cameras in places where you can keep important documents or valuable items like jewelry, electronics, or cash.

Final Words

A lot of families create life-long moments in RVs. When you’re enjoying the sun’s rays, it’s good to have an extra pair of eyes watching your travel trailer. The addition of security cameras to your vehicle will deter criminals and keep your mind focused on enjoying yourself wherever your travels could take you.

In addition to security cameras, additional security measures are necessary to guard your motorhome and travel trailers against theft. Door alarms for RVs, door sensors, door alarms, RV security locks, and window security films can be excellent options to protect your motorhome.