Green Battery Light Flashing on Ring Keypad

Many companies, like Ring, use different colors to communicate with users. Let’s go over the meaning behind the green battery flashing light on Ring Keypad.

The company Ring is known for its doorbells and other security devices. One of which is the Ring Keypad which can be the perfect addition to your home’s security. 

At times, you will notice the green battery flashing light on Ring Keypad. Since the device is rechargeable, the light will light up to indicate the keypad is done charging the battery. Depending on the model, the light turns on or off when done charging.

Below we will go into further detail about how long the battery lasts, when to recharge, the meaning of the LED indicating lights and their various colors, and other information to know about the Ring Keypad.

Green battery flashing light on Ring Keypad– Why?

The movable panel made by Ring makes adding security to your home easy and affordable. Apart from the fast installation process, it provides a high level of adaptability as you can take it around the house with you as a sort of remote control. If you want to learn how to install a Ring security system, check out the article!

Leave the old stationary keypad technology behind, and say hello to the future of technology. Being able to carry the Ring keypad around the house and use it anywhere you are, makes for a comfortable and worthy investment.

Leave it in the living room if you want everyone to have easy access to it, or maybe by the front door? So you can control anything you need as soon as you come in or are about to leave the house.

Leave it on your bedside table, so you can have all you need from the comfort of your bed. Regardless of where you put it, this device is fantastic, and better yet, it communicates with you.

How long does the Ring Keypad battery last?

A good rule of thumb is around six to nine months per charge. Thus you should only need to charge the battery twice a year or less. How long the battery last solely depends on the usage and whether you enable “battery saver mode.” 

Ring Keypad Colors and Meanings

The keypad uses colorful LED lights to indicate when the battery is low, when it has been disconnected, and when there is no signal. Though, in some cases, the colors can vary depending solely on the Ring keypad’s model, they tend to mean the same thing.  

To understand these colors and their meanings, let’s look at them one by one:

Red solid light- The keypad needs to be charged as soon as possible because the battery is under 10%. To keep the device from stopping, make sure you charge it as soon as you see the light. You should also receive notifications through the app that the battery is low. 

Yellow solid light- This signifies that the keypad’s battery is running low; anywhere from 30% or less can trigger this colored light. It is an excellent time to start charging your device to keep it from letting the battery die out.

Green solid light- The battery is sufficient, meaning over 30% charged, and there is no need to charge the device. You may also see no indicating light, which also means that there is no need to charge.

The green blinking light

Lastly, a green battery flashing light on Ring Keypad signifies that it is getting charged, and you should wait until the light turns completely green. Or, in some cases depending on the model, the light will turn off completely.

Regardless of what you see, no light or solid green, the Ring keypad indicates that the battery is charged. If you are tired of having to charge the battery every so often, you can set your device to “battery saver mode,” which extends the battery’s overall life.

Using the Ring Keypad battery saver mode

If you want to expand your battery’s longevity, you might benefit from enabling the battery-saver mode. By doing so, your battery will need to be charged fewer times overall.

Be aware that there are two distinct settings. The first is “Power Save On,” which will save your battery by only lighting up the buttons once you press them. 

On the other hand, “Power Save Off” will light up the buttons when it detects motion. This will always consume more energy than having the lights constantly off until you are using the device.

It is up to you if you want to enable this Power Save option, but at the end of the day, you don’t necessarily have to enable it. Regardless, you will need to charge your Ring keypad a couple of times a year.

If you want to enable this battery-saving mode, follow the instructions below to turn it on.

Turning on Power Save Mode on Ring Keypad

By turning on this mode, you can expect the battery to last anywhere from nine to eleven months. Without the saver mode enabled, you would be looking at around a total of five months of usage.

To turn it on, start by getting the Ring app on your phone and logging in. Then find the “Devices” page in the upper left corner and choose your keypad.

You should now see the option to enable or disable “Power Save Mode.” To activate it, toggle the mode to “ON,” and you are done! 

Final Thoughts

After reading this post, you should know all about the green battery flashing light on Ring Keypad and the meaning behind the other colors as well. Remember to charge your device as soon as you can to keep it from stopping. 

The indicating lights will guide you on the level of battery left on your device. Whether green, yellow or red, the lights communicate how much battery you have, whether you should charge your keypad soon, or if you have more time.