Geovision default IP address

The GeoVision default IP address for most IP cameras is However, there are other Geovision devices that use a different IP address, such as the that is used for Geovision PTZ cameras. See below a list of other devices and their respective IP addresses.

Fish Eye Camera192.168.0.10
GV-Compact DVR192.168.0.10
GV-AS Controller192.168.0.100
GV-GF Fingerprint Reader192.168.0.10
GV-3D People Counter192.168.0.100
GV-3D People Counter V2192.168.0.10
GV-Data Capture Box192.168.0.100
GV-POE Switch192.168.0.250
GV-Tower DVR/NVR System V2192.168.0.200
GV-NVR Lite system V2192.168.0.200
GV-Storage System V2192.168.1.1
GV-SNVR System192.168.0.100

And these are the default IPs for most Geovision devices.

You can use the default credentials username: admin and password: admin to log in on most Geovision devices.

Please read the article Geovision Default Password to find more information about passwords and types of users.