Eufy Camera Night Vision Is Not Working

Eufy camera night vision is not working? Well, as silly as it may sound, it might just be off. Let’s troubleshoot.

The most common reason for the night vision feature not working in a Eufy camera is its settings being disabled. However, other factors can include:

  • The angle of the camera’s placement.
  • Improper camera installation.
  • Sensitivity issues that can be configured in the settings.

Infrared Lighting

If your Eufy camera night vision is not working, it will be useless in the dark. All security cameras that have night vision use IR (Infrared) lights to view in the dark and show perfectly clear black and white images.

Though they cannot be seen with the naked eye, the infrared lights illuminate the area and allow the video to be recorded with high contrast, which creates a sharp black and white image.

These lights sit near or usually around the camera’s lens to be able to illuminate the surroundings and use an IR cut-off filter to disable the lights during the day as there is natural light.

Thus, as it becomes dark later in the day, the cut-off filter will turn off and allow the IR lights to do their magic.

Security camera night vision

Eufy camera night vision is not working– Solutions

As said previously, there are plenty of reasons why the night vision on your Eufy camera can be malfunctioning. The most common is that users simply did not turn on the night vision setting. Let’s do so now:

Begin by opening the Eufy app on your phone or smart device. The app can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices.

Once the app is launched, select the camera that is giving you issues. Open the camera settings to find the “Auto Night Vision” setting, then toggle it to turn night vision on.

The footage at night should be black and white. However, if your camera is near an external light, the footage might appear in color. Common exterior lights include spotlights or floodlights.

Eufy camera maintenance

A crucial part of having a camera is knowing how to care for it correctly. This includes cleaning dirt and dust that can get into your camera and checking for water damage from rain. 

It is also vital to protect your camera from weathering, meaning you have to install it away from direct sunlight or rain not to damage the camera. An outdoor camera can also have the cables chewed by outdoor animals or damaged by weather, so check on those as well.

Furthermore, if you have floodlights near your camera, the image shows up as colored instead of black and white. It happens because the camera senses the lighting and thus deduces that it does not need IR lighting.

Nevertheless, if you believe that the IR cut filter is not working correctly, do not attempt to mess around and fix it yourself. In this situation, it is always better to contact the Eufy support team and ask for a replacement camera.

Additional reasons why Eufy camera night vision is not working

Though user settings error is the most common, there are other issues that could be affecting your camera’s night vision. Having lighting around your camera can keep the Infrared lights from being enabled. 

In this case, you have a couple of options. Including removing the lights or changing the camera’s sensitivity level. The reason why is because the camera has a threshold, and if not passed, then the camera continues recording without IR lighting.

Apart from lowering the camera’s sensitivity threshold, you can also set up IR lights to turn on at selected times and thus forcing the lights to enable regardless of lighting conditions.

Ensure that the camera is angled correctly. If pointed towards a reflective surface, the lighting will bounce back and whitewash the footage because the lighting is hitting the image sensor.

Through the Eufy app, you can also power cycle or even restart the camera entirely to see if that solves your issue. It is also essential to keep your camera updated, as well as your phone and the Eufy app, to make sure it is all up to date.

When the IR lights are enabled, this draws more power from the camera. Thus, take a look at the power adapter and ensure that the camera is powering up properly. 

You can also assume it is the outlet and try using another outlet to see if that is the issue. If the power is insufficient, the camera’s IR lights will fail to turn on.

Lastly, your camera might just be defective. You can contact Eufy’s customer service for assistance and find out if you can get a replacement camera.

Final Thoughts

If your Eufy camera night vision is not working, there might be a couple of factors affecting it. First, inspect the settings and then the camera physically. 

The sensors or lens might be dirty, or the camera might just be angled incorrectly. If all else fails, contact customer service for further assistance.