The Eufy Camera is Flashing Blue And Red [Solution]

Indicator lights on cameras can alert users of what the camera is doing. So what does it mean when your Eufy camera is flashing blue and red? Let’s find out!

Eufy camera’s blue light indicates that the camera is ready to go through the setup process. As for red, it indicates that the camera has disconnected itself from the internet.

Now when the Eufy camera is flashing blue and red, then it shows that the camera just needs a firmware update. Indicator lights can show up at any time on Eufy cameras and need to be tended to.

Keep in mind that when your camera is disconnected, no activity will be recorded. And thus, your security system will be compromised.

If your Eufy camera is flashing blue and red out of nowhere, then check out the guise to find out the reasoning behind them, their meanings, and how to fix them.

Why is your Eufy camera is flashing blue and red?

If your Eufy camera is flashing blue and red, it signifies that your firmware is updating, and the camera will not function during this time. Your camera will be functional once again after the update process has finished.

Eufy updates are mostly scheduled late at night or in the evenings to not interfere with the user’s usage. Additionally, it should only take around 5 minutes to update.

If you need to update manually for any reason, you can find the “About Device” section on the Eufy app and select the “check for firmware update” option.

Nevertheless, new updates should automatically install themselves and reboot the camera once they have finished running.

Eufy camera is flashing blue

Suppose your Eufy camera’s indicator lights are flashing blue. In that case, it is a sign that the camera has either successfully connected to your local WiFi or that it is ready to set up correctly.

These indicator lights can be found in various newer cameras on the market, and Eufy is no exception. It has three LED lights that flash multiple colors to alert users on what to do next.

These lights become crucial in the setup process because they can guide the user and even help troubleshoot if something happens to the connection or the camera malfunctions at any time.

Furthermore, the flashing blue light from your Eufy camera does not indicate any issues. But it is more of a signal to alert users that the camera is ready to enter the setup process.

Setting up

When it is your first time setting up the camera, the blue lights are the first thing that you will see when turning it on. To set up the Eufy camera:

  1. First, download the Eufy Security app on your phone or smart device. For Android, use the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS.
  2. Set up your credentials through an account. Choose a unique ID and password.
  3. Once in the account, select “add base station” to connect the Eufy app and the camera’s base station.
  4. Then turn on the camera and sync it to the app using the “sync” option.

While you go through this process, the Eufy camera‘s light will be flashing blue. As you finish syncing the camera, the light will turn to solid blue. Which signifies that the device is up and running.

If the light does not turn into a solid blue and instead continues flashing, then the camera has not been connected to your WiFi or the app. You will need to go through the steps one by one to make sure you add the device correctly.

Eufy camera is flashing red

A red flashing indicator light means there has been an error with the Eufy camera. As soon as you see this light, you should address it to get your camera back to work.

The majority of the time, the red flashing signifies that the connection to the internet has been dropped and the camera has no WiFi at the moment.

Though the camera does not rely on the internet to function fully, it cannot record footage if not connected to a network. Thus, it would be best if you established a connection as soon as possible.

Furthermore, there is no way for users to check the camera from the app or live view it when it is not connected to WiFi.

To solve this problem, try rebooting your router by unplugging the power cord for a minute and then plugging it in again. By doing so, the internet should start up again in a few minutes and connect to your camera.

You might have to manually reconnect your Eufy camera using the app if it doesn’t do so automatically. Nevertheless, not every Eufy camera operates in the same way.

Camera models like the Eufy Cam 2 or Eufy 2 Pro use indicator lights differently. If either of the models flashes a red light, it signifies that the camera is working, but the antitheft alarm feature has been triggered.

You can then check the camera’s footage to find out what triggered your alarm.

Bottom Line.

If your Eufy camera is flashing blue and red, you now know what to do. Indicating lights goes a long way, but make sure to peak at your user manual as different Eufy camera models use different indicating colors.

But for the most part, red indicates connection issues with your network. Blue signifies that the camera is up and ready to be set up. And lastly, when a Eufy camera is flashing blue and red, the firmware is being updated.

Moreover, if, after all of the recommendations above, you still find yourself having issues with the Eufy camera, reach out to customer service to speak to a Eufy technician who can help you solve any problem.