Does Wyze send data to China?

If you are concerned about security and if Wyze sends data to China, rest assured that it's not true despite the rumors out there. Let's talk about this topic...

Made in China

Wyze Cameras don't send data to China, the Amazon AWS service is used to store the footage in the cloud when you use the Wyze Complete Motion Capture.

The rumors about the data sent to China

The Wyze Cameras are in China and perhaps this is why people automatically think that the data from the camera is sent overseas and are stored in some Alibaba's server or something like that, but that's not true.

Wyze Cam made in china

Nowadays most of the electronic devices are made in China, even your iPhone has the label that shows you that, but that is not a reason to distrust the product and the manufacturer. You like your iPhone and you trust Apple, don't you? 😉

Is Wyze a Chinese company?

No, Wyze is an American company founded in 2017 by a group of Amazon employees. The company is located in Kirkland, WA, and is constantly growing over the years.

You can find more information about the company on the Wyze Website.

Here's a video that shows a little bit about the company.

Is Wyze owned by Amazon?

No, the Wyze is not owned by Amazon. The founders are former Amazon employees but they created their own company to design, manufacturer, and sell cameras and smart devices at a low-cost without sacrificing the product's quality.

Is Wyze Cam secure?

Wyze is manufactured in China and it's a cheap product, this is one of the reasons people have a concern about how secure the camera is and keep asking questions about the topic.

That's normal because if somebody has unauthorized access to the device that would expose your privacy and nobody wants something like this to happen, right?

Nothing that connects to the Internet is 100% secure but you can minimize the risks by taking some measures to improve the camera security as I discuss in the article "Can the Wyze Camera be hacked?" ( I highly recommend you to read).


The Wyze Cameras do NOT send data to China so you can rest assured that your footage is safe in the Amazon servers if you are using the cloud service.

But be aware that there's no 100% guarantee that you can't be a victim of people trying to get into your camera, no matter if your data are the US, malicious people always try to find a way to take a sneak peek on people's home.

Please make sure you are using a strong password in your Wyze Account, use Two-factor authentication to improve the camera security, and don't share your password or Wyze QR code with people you don't know.

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