Analog CCTV is about to die

With the evolution of CCTV systems, major competitors in the market began to create new technologies that will ultimately cause the death of the traditional analog CCTV systems.

The high-resolution analog camera technology on the market is recent and promising, isn't it? So why people say that the analog is about to die?

The fact is that the old tradition analog systems with the NTSC and PAL cameras with 380, 420, 540, 600 and 700 lines are about to die, they are being replaced by higher resolution cameras with new technologies such as TVI, CVI, AHD and SDI.

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So should we abandon analog CCTV?

The simple answer is no. It will still take some time for the full termination of traditional analog CCTV, especially in some countries in Asia and Latin America, but the idea is that we will increasingly move to new high-resolution analog systems and IP systems, so we must be prepared for that change.

With the advancement of technology, and more demand from the market, there is a significant reduction of prices that allows the migration to systems with more quality and resources.

Then there will still be room to continue selling traditional analog systems with traditional resolution, (known as SD) in markets that already have this technology in place and need to maintain it, after all, no one will throw their recorders and cameras out and start using other technology.

In smaller projects of small offices and residences, there will still be space for a long time, especially when the end customer is worried about paying the lowest price and the competition is offering cheap traditional systems, this ends up forcing everyone to offer the same product with the fear of losing the business. So the death of analog CCTV is right, but it will still have a survival because of the latency of the change.

And how is the market for IP CCTV?

IP systems certainly have many advantages over analog systems, it is no wonder that they have a very large annual growth and there are many millionaires in the field of software development for IP CCTV, such as Digifort, Milestone, Genetec, ISS, OnSSI, Verint, Aimetis, Exacq, etc. Many of these companies exist to meet the demand of IP camera manufacturers, which by the way are already many and growing rapidly.

The conclusion is that the market will move to high-resolution analog technologies and IP technology, there is certainly no escape from the need to understand both technologies if we want to be ahead of the CCTV market.

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