Security Cameras That Work With Google Assistant and Alexa (read before buying)

Security cameras that work with Google Assistant and Alexa are pretty common now and you can find them everywhere.

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Before buying your security camera, you should know which features are available and if they worth the price you are going to pay, so let's discuss that...

Later in this article, I'll show you some examples of security cameras that work with these smart home assistants, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Google Home and Alexa Revolution

Before going into the fuss about security cameras, let us go through the basics of Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Echo.

Google Home and Amazon Echo are both voice-activated speakers. Both are equipped with advanced virtual assistant systems. These smart speakers will allow you to connect all your smart home devices. Therefore manage these smart home devices with the use of voice controls.

On the other hand, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are virtual assistants. They are embedded in these two speakers. Likewise on other smart home devices. For instance Televisions, lights, and yes, security cameras, among others.

Your Smart Home Assistant

The advanced assistant systems come equipped with the capability to dictate commands. This is on controlling smart assistant-compatible devices.

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For example, security cameras that are capable of working with Alexa and Google Home/Assistant. Therefore, making life easier, convenient, and your home smarter.

However, take note that a smart speaker is not needed when you are using smart assistants for home automation.

Just use your phones or tablets with built-in Google Assistant. Or download the Amazon App on your devices. Hence, you will be able to centralize your smart home controls without smart speakers.

Ring Stick Up Cam Wired HD Security Camera

Benefits of Security Cameras Which Works With Google Home/Assistant & Alexa

Thanks to technology, security cameras may now be controlled using Alexa and Google Home/Assistant. Therefore making life easier and more convenient and build a smarter home.

However, you do not just go out and buy a security camera and install it in your home. You need to know and consider some important things about security cameras before you get one which you can use via Alexa or Google Home.

What makes these types of security cameras so special that can outshine ordinary security cameras? 

Now, let us talk about what benefits these voice-control capable security cameras can give us.

They Help You to Build an Even Smarter Home

Google Home/Assistant and Alexa compatible security cameras build a smarter home. They are capable of working together with other smart home devices. Therefore making your home smarter, and at the same time, safer, too.

For instance, videos may be streamed on assistant systems embedded television sets or lock doors left open through the images of security cameras working with Google Home.

They are Future-Proof Smart Devices

Security cameras are future-proof smart devices if they are compatible with Alexa and Google Home/Assistant since the number of smart homes is increasing every year and there's no way to stop this revolution.

According to a survey completed by CNET81% of buyers indicate they'd more opt to buy a home if smart home products were already installed.

Smart homes and the real estate market growth

You definitely need to have smart security cameras to make your house more likely to be seen as modern and more expensive.

The advanced IP cameras which are capable of working with Google Home/Assistant and Alexa are among the top choices of active households when it comes to security.

One of the reasons behind this is because these types of security cameras will be worth your investment. Why? Because it will remain in the picture for a long time and will not be outdated in the future.

They Offer More Convenience

Security cameras that work with Google Home/Assistant and Alexa can offer its users more convenience. By connecting the security cameras that work with Alexa or Google Assistant to the smart speakers, you can now have access to the cameras effortlessly. That is, even without tapping the App or the Client.

Upon hearing you say “Hey Alexa, show me the front porch.” Your Alexa-compatible smart home security camera will wake up and show you the images of your home or business, and the area you wish to monitor or view.

Some Examples of Security Cameras That Work with Alexa

Ring Security Camera (Works with Alexa)

Ring Stick Up Cam Wired HD Security Camera

Amazom Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

Netvue Security Camera

NetVue 2 Way Audio, Baby Monitor

Some Examples of Security Cameras That Work with Google Assistant

Wize Cam Pan

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Akaso security camera

AKASO Wireless Camera - Baby and Pet Monitor

EZVIZ Security Camera

EZVIZ Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Security Cameras That Work With Google Assistant and Alexa

There are important things to consider if you are thinking about getting security cameras which are compatible with Alexa and Google Home/Assistant. Here are three of the most important tips you must know about.

You can check The Ultimate Guide To Building A Smart Home to find out what is the best Smart Home technology that works for you,

Are The Security Cameras Compatible with Google Home Assistant and Alexa ?

Scrutinize and take a detailed look at the compatibility list of security cameras that work with Google Home and Alexa. You must check if the compatibility list indicates which smart assistant they support. For instance, Alexa or Google Assistant. The list should also indicate the functions which may be controlled by voice commands.

Hence, by doing so, compatibility issues and integration problems may be avoided to a large extent when using Google Assistant or Alexa compatible security cameras.

Are The Security Cameras Safe From Hacking ?

All security camera you choose must come with encryption technology and hacker-proof methods. (even when they are not compatible with  a smart home assistant).

hacker with glasses in the dark

The reliable encryption methods, for example, which is applied in home security cameras with Alexa and Google Assistant must include SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption, and TLS-enabled.

Hence, to protect your privacy better and prevent hackers from causing damage to your security cameras, set up a more secure password. Also, upgrade the firmware in time and limit unknown devices to access your home network.

I recommend you to read the article the NBCNews article on How to protect your router and home security cameras from hackers.

Alexa and Google Home/Assistant Compatible Security Cameras Must Be Cost-Effective

The security cameras that are compatible with Alexa and Google Home/Assistant  have prices that range from $25 to around $400, so the list is huge.

Therefore, it is very important to buy a cost-effective security camera, you take a closer look at the features and services that these security cameras have to offer.

For instance, you are considering to acquire an outdoor security camera which can with Alexa or Google Home/Assistant. The first thing to check out is its weatherproof rating. It must be IP65 or over.

Other things which you must take into consideration are: working temperature, vandal-proof rating, and most importantly its night vision performance.

==> To learn more about Outdoor Security Cameras, read the article: How to choose the best outdoor security camera.

Two other important things you need to consider are its warranty period and if there are additional fees.

If the security camera offers a long warranty period, then it will assure you can avail of free services from its support and maintenance team.

In other words, in case something goes wrong with your Alexa or Google Home/ Assistant compatible security camera, you can just contact the support team and they will address the issue. Hence, making you save on maintenance costs.

Other IP security cameras, especially non-DIY types, may charge for additional services. For instance installation costs, and other subscription fees. Therefore it is very important to keep a watchful eye and be keen for hidden fees which are not indicated in the price tag of the security cameras.

Connecting Your Security Cameras to Alexa & Google Home (Easy Step-by-Step Setup)

It is not a time-sponge task when you connect your security cameras to Alexa or Google Home. After successfully setting up these security cameras, you will now be able to control them through voice commands.

That is, without the use of your PCs or phones.

Process of Connecting Security Cameras to Google Home & Alexa:

  • First, install the smart speakers. Also, the IP cameras that work with Alexa or Google Assistant inside your houses or workplaces.
  • Then, download the smart assistant App and of course, sign in.
  • Next is add the security cameras that work with Alexa and Google Home/Assistant to your account.
  • Finally, test if you can control security cameras with Google Home or Alexa through voice commands. Test it with voice command such as, “Alexa, show me the videos of the living room” or “OK Google, disable the siren of the security camera near the door”.

In addition to this, you can also stream security camera videos on you Alexa/Google Home/Assistant compatible TV.

Wrapping Up

Securing our homes and other properties is very important. Since we cannot do it alone, we need the help of technology. And technology has given us devices such as the Alexa and Google Home/Assistant compatible security cameras.

These devices have made our lives easier and more convenient. Not only that, our families and properties will be safer and more secure.

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