Blink Error 1011 [Quick Fix]

In this article, I show how to fix the Blink Error 1011.

Recently, many users reported their Blink cameras are displaying an error with the message NSURLErrorDomain error 1011.

Blink error 1011


The error also shows as up with the following messages:

Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error – 1011).” 

Network request failed: NSURLErrorDo-main error-1011“.

Let’s take a look at how to fix this error.

What causes the Blink Error 1011 error

This error is usually related to the network.

Users may lose connectivity with the Blink App until the network problem is solved.

Unfortunately, it’s a random error that is very annoying to people trying to use the App to check the Blink camera remotely.

Sometimes the issue appears when the App is loading; other times, the error only occurs while watching recorded videos (playback).

In some cases, you may also see the error while connecting to the VPN.

How to fix Blink Error 1011

There are different things you can try to fix the Blink Error 1011.

Start with the simple ones and move on to the next until the problem is solved. Let’s see how to do that…

Reboot your Internet router

Yeah, rebooting your router can help fix many things related to network connections.

Try this method first and check if your Blink camera starts working again without the connection issue.

Sometimes the router’s memory is full, or some reconnection to the Internet Service Provider is necessary to fix the most common network issues.

Find the power button on your router and press it to turn the power off (or just pull the power cable). Wait for 1 minute and turn the router back on.

Check the WiFi signal

WiFi is essential to make all the devices work correctly in the network.

Blink cameras depend on a strong WiFi signal to work properly, so ensure the camera is not too far from the router.

You can also clear the area between the router and the camera to avoid having the WiFi signal bounce and get weak.

Alternatively, you can also use a WiFi repeater to have a strong signal to your Blink camera.

Use a different network connection

Since your mobile phone uses an App to connect to the camera and depends on a stable network, try using another way to connect to the Internet.

Let’s say; for example, your phone is connected to data via 4G, 5G, etc.; you can experiment with a different network such as WiFi.

Reinstall the Blink App

The last thing you can try is to reinstall the Blink App.

Sometimes this procedure fixes things that are not working, just like magic.

Worth trying to reinstall the App and try using it again. 

You can also check if there are some updates available.

Reinstall the Blink App

Contact the manufacturer

Alright, you’ve tried everything, but the error 1011 is still there. What to do next?

The answer is to contact the manufacturer and ask for help.

Blink technical support team that can help you troubleshoot and solve issues related to your camera. So just ask for help.

Luckily you will have the Blink error 1011 resolved with a firmware update.