Best Places to Hide Money Around Your Home

Have you saved extra cash for emergencies and are worried about keeping it safe? The simplest way to hide your money is to put it in your bank account. However, this option doesn’t suit everyone, and many still prefer having cash at their houses. For those who prefer the security of a financial institution, the blog post presents the best banks to bank with. But if you’d rather keep your money closer to home, we’ll also explore the best places to hide money inside or around your home.

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How to Hide Cash at Home?

When it comes to a significant amount of money, people feel uncomfortable having a lot of cash in their houses. There is always a risk that this money will be stolen. Therefore, we have prepared three main tips that will help you hide valuables from burglars.

1.   Keep Your Cash Hidden in Several Places

Putting your money in two or more hiding spots may save you cash if a thief or an unreliable friend or family member finds one of your hiding places. It can protect you from losing all your savings. The more hiding places you have, the lower your chances that a burglar will steal all your savings. However, don’t tell anybody about your storing cash. You never know who can be a burglar in your environment.

2.   Choose a Place Carefully

Don’t hide your money in such obvious places as a bedside table, under a carpet, or a mattress. They may seem safe, but every burglar knows about them. There are many places in plain sight where you can store your cash, and no thief notices it.

3.   Install the Camera and Security System

Even if you have hidden your money in many safe places, installing a camera and security system is essential for your protection and the protection of your home. Most burglars are wary of houses with security systems and choose those not protected.

Of course, cameras and security systems are not a guarantee of the safety of your home, but at least they decrease your chance of burglarizing and, in case of a robbery, allow you to find thieves faster.

24 Ideas of Where to Hide Cash at Home?

If you don’t know how to hide extra cash without it deposited into a bank account, learn about the best secret hiding places in the house.

1. Garage Door Opener

One of the simplest but unclear ways to hide money is keeping your cash inside a garage door opener. You can find a hidden compartment stash box there. While there are many traditional places to store cash, it is important to use something that is not obvious to the thieves. Therefore, a garage is a great and unevidenced money stash.

2.Tissue Box

A tissue box is an excellent option for hiding money from thieves. It is always in plain sight and doesn’t attract people’s attention. Therefore, it is among the safest places for storing cash.

3. Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is a convenient place to stash money and get it when you need to pay for an emergency. It is a diversion safe to which thieves typically pay no attention.


If you don’t want to deposit your funds into a bank account and hiding your cash at home doesn’t sound attractive, consider storing money in your yard. You can put your savings into a hermetically sealed container and hide it in the yard. It is considered the best place to hide money, according to ASAP Finance. You need to dig a deep hole in the soil in the yard and put a container there. Then, cover it with the earlier removed soil. Ensure that cash is securely hidden and completely covered. Now, money is protected even if burglars steal everything from your house stored in the yard.

5. Sock Drawer

A dresser drawer is among the most popular places to hide money. Every thief will consider it the first destination to look for cash. However, if you put it into a plastic bag or an empty food container and store money in a sock drawer, the thief will have much less chance of finding your cash.

6. Curtain Rod

Many curtain rods have detachable ends. Remove them from your curtain rods and hide money inside if you have such ones.

7. Laundry Hamper

A laundry hamper is among places that are less interesting for thieves. Therefore, putting your money inside a laundry box significantly decreases the chance of losing your funds.

8.Picture Frames

A picture frame is a not noticeable place in your home. That is why it is the best place to hide cash. Burglars are not interested in stealing such insignificant things from your home and can’t guess that the cash hidden is inside a picture frame.

9.   Fish Tank

No burglar will find money in a fish tank. They don’t even consider fish tanks as places to store cash. Therefore, you can conceal money in a small waterproof container near corals or other decorations.

10. Pantry

Pantries are a great place to keep your cash safe. Although thieves are generally less interested in stealing from pantries or cellars, you can protect your cash stronger than just putting it there. Tape your money underneath a shelf in the pantry, and nobody will find it!

11. Fake Electric Outlet

A fake electric outlet is a smart idea to stash valuables. It looks like typical cable TV outlets, so it is not an interesting element for burglars. They will likely concentrate on other details of your home’s interior. Therefore, such a simple thing can save you a significant amount of money. 

12. Sporting Equipment

Tennis balls and other sporting equipment are standard items in many houses, and they can be a diversion safe. No thief pays attention to such things, so you can hide money inside a tennis ball or in a tennis ball canister.

13. Dishwasher

As a rule, dishwashers have snap-off grills in the front. And you will be surprised to see how many hiding places you can find there! Do you think a burglar will be looking for money in a dishwasher? There are many other, more interesting places for them. Therefore, dishwashers may be an excellent place to stash valuables.

14. Filing Cabinet

You can keep your valuables hidden in a random folder of a locked filing cabinet. It is among the best secret hiding places for your extra cash, documentation, and other important things.

15. Holiday Decorations

Boxes with your holiday decorations are such a great place to store money and other valuables! Any thief will not think about such boxes as a hiding place. In addition, you can save money on holiday decorations to buy gifts for your friends or family members on Christmas.

16. Empty Bottle

One of the best hiding money options is putting cash in plain sight. An empty lotion bottle may be a suitable option. You need to roll bills up and put them inside a bottle.

17. Stuffed Animals

Another good hiding spot is stuffed animals. You can cut them open, put your valuables inside, and sew them together. But try not to remove too much stuffing because the animal will look suspicious. If you do it right, no thief guesses money can be inside a stuffed animal!

18.Toilet Paper Holders

If you are looking for a place where to hide money, toilet paper is among the less interesting things at home for a thief. Therefore, you can hide cash inside your toilet paper holder and don’t worry about their safety.

19. Toilet Tank

Toilet tanks are another excellent place to store cash at home. Surely, no thief will be interested in looking for money there. You can put your cash in a watertight plastic bottle or bag and glue it to the toilet tank lid.

20. Markers or Pens

Pens and markers are among the best places to hide your cash. They have enough space to hide bills. But always remember about money hidden there. Don’t leave your pens anywhere, and don’t lend them to anybody. Otherwise, you risk losing both your pen and cash.

21. Cat Litter Box

A cat litter box is among the least interesting places in your house for a thief. Therefore, it can be a great way to hide money there. You can put cash in a small container and pour the cat litter on it – no thief will find it.

22. Wall Clock Safe

Hiding emergency cash in a wall clock safe is a great idea to protect your money from thieves. Many clocks have a secret compartment where you can put your funds. Roll them with a rubber band, and be sure your money is safe.

23. Cereal Box

There are cereals in almost all American homes. And a cereal box is not a place where thieves will look for cash. Therefore, consider such boxes as places to hide money at home.

24. Kid’s Room

You can hide your money and other valuables in the kid’s room. Burglars are not generally interested in stealing from there, so kids’ rooms may be an excellent hiding place for your savings.

25. A Gap Between Cabinets

Take advantage of small gaps between upper cabinets in your house. And hang an envelope with your money there. Thieves will not check such places, which will help you keep your money safe.