Axis camera SD card endless status checking (Solved)

This article explains how to check the micro SD card for the Axis camera even if there's an endless status "checking" message.

It happened to my Axis P1365 MK II camera, as shown in the image below.

Axis SD Card Checking Msg

The checking status stays on the screen forever. 

Just click the arrow down to expand the windows, and click on "Check".

Axis SD Card check tool

You may see a warning about the SD card stop recording.

It's OK. You can click "Yes" to let the camera do its job.

Axis camera check SD card

The camera checks the SD card ( it only takes a few seconds).

Axis camera checking SD card

And it's done.

SD Card is OK

Now you can see the status as Okay.

Make sure to format the card with ext4  since it's a better file system.

Now your card is ready for recording.

I recommend you using an official Axis SD card to avoid recording issues.

Video:  Endless checking SD card fix

Here's a quick video on how to solve the issue.

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