Are Wyze Cameras Wireless? (or Wire-Free?)

I've seen the question "Are Wyze Cameras wireless?" rise on some forums and I decided to give people a quick answer and explanation about this topic.

Wyze Camera Wireless

The quick answer is, yes the Wyze Cameras are wireless and they don't need cables to transmit the data, but still need a power cable.

So, the Wyze Cam is not 100% free of cables. Let's talk more about that...

Wyze Cameras are wireless but not wire-free

Humm, perhaps you are wondering "what is the difference between wireless and wire-free cameras?" Let me explain...

Wireless cameras are considered the ones that can transmit data such as audio, video without using wires or cables, but still have a power cable.

Wire-Free cameras are the ones that don't use cables at all, they don't need them for data (audio and video) neither a power cable. Cool, huh?

The Reolink Argus PT is an example of a Wire-Free camera that can be installed anywhere because it uses an internal battery to keep the camera working.

The best Wi-Fi router for Wyze Cam

The first thing you need to know is that the Wyze cameras work with 2.4Ghz WiFi network and that's the frequency you have to use in your router to be able to connect the cameras.

Newer routers are dual-band, which means they can work with two frequencies (2.4HGZ and 5GHz) at the same time, but you can't use both of them with your Wyze cameras.

You can buy a dual-band router such as the NETGEAR C6300 which is compatible with most Internet Service Providers in the country.

The Wyze Cam uses encryption to keep the data safe and you can use the WPA/WPA2 protocol available in this WiFi router.

Alternative solutions

If you really want to have your camera without any wires, just consider buying a model such as the Reolink Argus PTBlink XT2, or the Ring Stick.

If you really want to have your camera without any wires, just consider buying a model such as the Reolink Argus PT, Blink XT2, or the Ring Stick.

If you are interested in such a solution, please read the article.


Now that you know that the Wyze Cam is wireless but still need a power cable, you can decide if this camera is for you or you are going to use an alternative model.

Keep in mind that the solution using a power brick could be more complex and I recommend using a model that is already battery-powered.

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.