Are Hikvision cameras wireless?

I've been facing the question "Are Hikvision cameras wireless? " a lot these days.

I believe this question is so common nowadays because wireless cameras are becoming extremely popular, and their prices are dropping every year, so I decided to address this topic.

Hikvision has wired and wireless cameras

The quick answer to this question is yes, Hikvision manufactures wireless cameras. 

But did you know that smart cameras and security cameras are different?

Smart cameras

It's important to understand that some popular wireless cameras can't be considered security cameras because they are for different applications.

Cameras such as Wyze CamReolink, or Hikvision Cube are designed to work in simple environments to monitor homes, pets, kids, etc., using a mobile phone.

These types of cameras are not sturdy and depend on the Internet all the time.

Professional cameras

You can use professional security cameras such as the Hikvision PoE Turret IP camera (model DS-2CD2342WD-I) as a wireless camera to monitor your premisses without running cables for a long distance.

You can also buy a professional Hikvision wired camera and connect it to a transmission radio to transmit the video stream over long distances.


Yes, you can buy Hikvision wireless and wired cameras.

For basic applications such as pet or kids monitoring just use a smart camera.

Other types of applications require a professional model.

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