Are Hikvision cameras ONVIF compliant?

People can't help but ask the question, "Are Hikvision cameras ONVIF compliant?" because more and more distributors are selling cameras from this manufacturer. 


There are some details to discuss this topic; however, at first, you can consider that Hikvision cameras are ONVIF compliant even though the forum announced its suspension as a member back in 2019.

There's a video by the end of this article with details about Hikvision ONVIF compliance.

Hikvision ONVIF suspension quick story

In 2019 the ONVIF forum published a document stating that Hikvision and Dahua were no longer members of the group due to some political problems.

The access to members-only forums and ONVIF specifications was revoked.

However, sometime later, the document was unpublished, and there's no information about such suspension on the forum's official website.

Hikvision cameras are ONVIF compliant

Well, if you don't care about the political nightmare and documents and just want to make your Hikvision camera record to an ONVIF compliant NVR or software, rest assured that it works, and I've been using such integration for a long time.

My Hikvsion Mini PTZ camera can communicate with different devices, software, and recorders without any problem. As long they are ONVIF compliant.

The picture below shows a Hikvision camera in the ONVIF DEVICE MANAGER software, which can get a video stream only from ONVIF compliant cameras.

Hikvision Camera on the Onvif Device Manager

Hikvision NVRs are ONVIF compliant

I have a Hikivion NVR with Reolink, Wisenet, Amcrest and Hikvision cameras.

It works pretty well because all these models are ONVIF compliant.

I can even have a backup into the Videoloft Cloud Platform, which is compatible with Hikvision (either using the proprietary and the ONVIF protocol).

Hikvision NVR streaming to Videoloft platform

As you can see, the four cameras work fine with the Hikvision NVR.

Hikvision is on the Official ONVIF website.

You can visit the official ONVIF website and look for Hikvision products.

There's a huge list of compliant products.

Hikvision ONVIF compliant list

As you can see, some products were approved after 2019.

Video: Hikvision camera compliance

Watch this video about the Hikvision camera ONVIF compliance.

Click the image below to play the video (Hosted on YouTube).


Yes, the Hikvision cameras are ONVIF compliant.

Even with all the political "Buzz" about the topic, you can use your cameras without problems, just like I did myself during my tests.

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