How to watch analog security cameras on TV (5 different methods)

In this article, I teach you how to watch analog security cameras on TV.

Analog security camera on TV

TV with a high-resolution analog camera (TVI)

Of course, there are many different ways to do that, and it all depends on the type of cameras, recorders, TV, and other available devices.

You can watch analog cameras on your standard or smart TV. Let's just dive into some ways you can accomplish that.  Please just keep reading...

How to connect your analog security camera to a TV

OK, rest assured that the methods I show in this article work pretty well. 

I've tested all of them myself and I guarantee you can do the same and have your security cameras running on your TV relatively fast (5 to 15 minutes).

Here's a list of methods on how to view analog security cameras on the TV.

  • Connect the analog camera directly to the TV's input
  • Use an analog to HDMI converter.
  • Connect the recorder (DVR) to the TV via HDMI cable
  • Use an encoder and an App on a Smart TV
  • Use an encoder and a web browser on a Smart TV

Every method varies depending on the camera technology and devices you use to connect your camera to the TV. Let me explain which one of the options.

Connect your analog camera into the TV's input

This method works only for analog cameras that use CVBS technology.

I'm talking about old analog cameras with low resolution.

If you have analog cameras with new technologies such as CVI, TVI and AHD, this method does not work, and you need to use the other one explained later.

Assuming you have analog cameras with the CVBS technology, you can connect them directly to the TV's antenna input using a coaxial cable cord and connectors.

TV antenna input

The picture shows an example of an old TV with an Antenna Input.

You just need to use a cable from your analog camera to the TV and select this input in the remote control to display the live video.

Analog camera to TV

That one is simple, isn't it ?

To see more details about this method, please read the article How to connect a CCTV camera to a TV in this blog.

Now, let's take a look at a different way to connect the camera to a TV.

Connect your analog camera to the TV via HDMI cable

If you have analog cameras with TVI, CVI or AHD technology and want to watch them on a TV, just use an analog to HDMI converter. It's simple like that. 

TVI camera to TV

There are different types of converters depending on the technology your cameras use (TVI, CVI, or AHD). I recommend you to buy a hybrid converter that works with all these technologies, so you get yourself covered for any situation.

Connect the recorder (DVR) to the TV via HDMI cable

You can connect your analog cameras to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and then connect the recorder to a TV via HDMI cable. It's pretty simple.

With a hybrid DVR, you can connect any type of analog camera (CVBS, CVI, TVI and AHD) and then connect the recorder to your TV via HDMI or even VGA.


The diagram shows two analog cameras connected to a DVR and to a TV.

You can see all of your cameras on the TV using this method.

Using an encoder and App to show the camera on TV

You can use an encoder to convert the analog signals from the camera to digital ones and then display the video on a Smart TV by using  some CCTV App.

There are CCTV Apps for Roku TV and for Amazon Firestick as well.

The basic idea is to convert your analog camera to IP by using an encoder and then you can use the video stream the same way you would do with an IP camera.

Read the article: How to view IP camera on Roku TV to understand how the process of adding an IP camera is done and do the same for your encoder.

Let's take a look at the last way you can watch your analog camera on TV.

Using an encoder and a web browser with a Smart TV

This method only works with modern encoders and IP cameras that support the html5 protocol. Professional cameras manufactured by Axis Communications, for example, can use a web browser to display the cameras directly.

So, that is how it's done. Pretty simple, huh?


As you can see, there are different ways to watch an analog camera on TV.

The first thing you need to do is figure out the technology the camera works with (CVBS, CVI, TVI, or AHD) and use any of the methods described in this article.

IP cameras can make your life easier if you can move to this type of technology.

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