ADT Pulse App Login Failure

A user-friendly way for ADT homeowners to access and monitor their devices is through their phones, but you need to have access to the app. Let’s talk about ADT Pulse App Login Fail.

The app can sometimes undergo technical issues and keep users from logging in and monitoring their devices. This can be irritating and frustrating to users but worry not, as we will cover the solutions below. However, if you have issues with ADT error codes 6F or bF, you can find the solution on our other articles.

Usually, these messages display an “Authentication Issue” message and claim that the app “Could not authenticate your credentials.” It will also tell users to “Please try again” or claim that “The information you entered doesn’t match our records.”

The ADT Pulse App Login Fail tends to be due to users inputting the wrong password, firmware issues, or even poor internet connectivity. To fix this particular issue, you can reset your password or take a closer look at your internet connection.

Fixing ADT Pulse App Login Fail

Users might encounter difficulties logging into the app if there is no internet connection or inputting the wrong password. You can start your troubleshooting by following the solutions below.

Resetting ADT Pulse App Password

As previously mentioned, failure to log in can be due to an incorrect password, or there is a chance that you are inputting the correct password, but the ADT database is having issues.

Thus, it is easier to change your password to solve the problem. Follow the steps below to reset your ADT Pulse App password:

  1. Launch the ADT Pulse app on your smartphone
  2. When prompted to log in, select “I Forgot My Password.”
  3. Then proceed by clicking on “Reset My Password,” which will automatically send you an email.
  4. Check on your email address for the ADT password reset email and click the link inside.
  5. You will then need to enter the username and answer your security questions.
  6. Once done, your ADT password will be reset, and you will pick a new one.

If you continue encountering ADT Pulse App Login Fail, your internet connection might be the culprit. Attempt to log into your ADT portal via a web browser.

Remember that the Pulse app on your phone is not the only way to access your home’s ADT system. You can also log in through the ADT portal and configure and control features and functions. 

Once you make it to the portal, you just need to input your credentials to log in. Though it does not offer the convenience of being in your back pocket like a phone, it can be a second point of access when you need it.

Additionally, it provides you with adjustable settings that are unavailable through the app, thus giving you more robust monitoring of your devices.

Internet connection

Another important factor contributing to the ADT Pulse App Login Fail is whether your phone is connected to the same system. Two points could create this issue; on the one hand, it could be your phone. And on the other, it could be the ADT system.

The ADT Pulse app needs a stable internet connection to give you control over your home’s system. However, if your phone has no internet, you won’t be able to connect to the app and will receive an ADT Pulse App Login Fail message.

Furthermore, if the WiFi is down, your system cannot connect to your app even if you have your phone’s data. To troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps:

Open random websites and apps on your phone to guarantee that your internet is working correctly. Double check your phone settings to make sure that the Pulse app permissions are enabled.

Lastly, take a look at your internet connection and attempt resetting your router to better your connection and get everything to work properly. If the internet on your phone is working, check if it is the same network your system is connected to.

Enable ADT Pulse app permissions

As mentioned above, the app permissions need to be enabled. This can cause issues, particularly on iPhones as their manufacturer. Apple can be strict when it comes to the app’s permissions.

First, ensure the app is updated to its latest versions and the phone does not need a software update. Once that is done, to check on the permissions, open your phone’s settings.

Under Settings, you should find the ADT Pulse app and open it to guarantee that the permissions the app requires are enabled. If the permissions are off, then the phone will not connect to the system, thus triggering the ADT Pulse App Login Fail.

Updating the firmware

Moreover, you will also need to keep your devices updated to alleviate any bugs that have been fixed in the newest updates. Update your phone, your app, and the system’s software. Users have reported that older modules and outdated phones cannot log in.

Final Thoughts

The ADT Pulse App Login Fail is caused by an incorrect password or issues with connecting to the internet. Furthermore, outdated firmware can also play a role.

You can reset your password and check on the internet’s connectivity. If all of the above does not budge, you can reach out to ADT’s customer service chat online to receive aid or have a technician come to your home and fix the issue.