ADT Alarm Going Off for No Reason – Solution

ADT is a big company, with an arrange of home security gadgets. A standard one is the alarm system. So why is your ADT alarm going off for no reason?

These gadgets, especially the alarm, can secure your home or business. Thus, protecting you and your family.

Nevertheless, if your ADT alarm goes off for no reason, it becomes quite useless. But before you call an ADT technician, you can try a couple of troubleshooting tips to fix it yourself.

Reasons your ADT alarm is going off.

When it comes to malfunctions, they don’t just happen out of nowhere. There are causes for these issues with your device; they include:

  • Security camera/ motion detector malfunction
  • Needs to be reset
  • Improper sensor installation
  • Malfunctioning smoke/heat detector
  • Low battery

Since an ADT system is so complex, one malfunction can set off the alarm randomly without a real motive. The big issue isn’t the annoyingly loud sound the alarm makes but the fact that it will call the police for a false alarm. Does ADT charge if you get false alarms? We have an article on it, so check it out to find out!

ADT Panel

Whether you get charged will largely depend on the laws of your local police department. So be cautious and make sure you upkeep your system to avoid having your ADT alarm going off.

How to fix an ADT alarm that is going off

 As seen above, there are various reasons how to fix your ADT alarm. Below, we compiled a list of how to fix the most common errors when your alarm doesn’t stop going off.

Security Camera Making ADT Alarm is Going Off

A culprit that can trigger your alarm is your camera. Even though they are part of your system, they can still malfunction. 

Moisture, dirt, and dust can accumulate easily, especially with outdoor cameras. This can potentially cause your system to get a false alarm.

Cameras should be cleaned occasionally and checked for debris. There should be no obstacles blocking the camera, and it should not be pointed at a reflective surface.

Spider webs might also grow on or around your camera. Thus, it is best if you check your camera every two months or so.

Motion Detector Malfunction

ADT alarm going off? Check the motion sensors in your home. They might have a similar situation to the security cameras and trigger false alarms. Since ADT motion sensors have adjustable sensitivity levels, they can be customized to the consumer’s needs.

A good calibration is key because if too sensitive, the alarm will trigger without a cause or significant event. Sensitivity can be adjusted through the ADT apps, including:

  • ADT Control
  • Blue
  • ADT Pulse

Note that it might depend on whether your system can be modified; systems like ADT Pulse and ADT Command Center allow users to alter the sensitivity levels.

Usually, the sensors have no problem differing from an intruder and a pet, making ADT alarms pet-friendly. By using infrared, the sensor can differentiate an animal from a person.

Nevertheless, it is not 100% perfect and can cause a false alarm. Bugs tend to trigger it as they fly close to the sensor. Moths, bees, flies, and wasps can all trigger an ADT motion sensor.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Your ADT alarm going off may signify that there is an accumulation of debris, such as dust, on your carbon monoxide sensor. Similar to the cameras, it is important to visually inspect the sensors every couple of months.

These sensors are also equipped with warning lights that glow various colors. Red, for instance, signifies that the battery is dying and needs to be replaced.

This should be tended to immediately, as carbon monoxide does not leave a smell. Therefore, do not let your sensor run out of battery, as it could very well affect your health.

Heat/ Smoke detectors

Much like the other sensors we discussed previously, they can trigger your alarm if not properly looked after or installed in a troublesome location.

For example, extreme heat and temperatures can affect heat/smoke sensors the same way they can affect the motion sensors. Steer away from placing the sensors near hot places such as heat sources, stoves, and fireplaces.

The heat can trigger the sensor, so avoid locations that can cause irregular temperatures. Higher levels of smoke, like off a stove or fireplace, can alert the system for a good cause.

ADT alarm going off Due to Low Battery

Low and expired batteries are another common culprit of the alarm going off. This beeping will occur to call out your attention and alert you that the batteries must be replaced as quickly as possible.

Keep track of the battery levels through the apps and make sure to change them when needed to upkeep your system. When the power goes out, your batteries kick in, so it’s good to have some in stock to change when you need it most.

You can inspect your battery to purchase an identical one or check the user manual to see which battery you need for your system. Remember to always purchase from trustworthy retail sellers when ordering replacement ADT batteries.

With brand new batteries in, the system should function correctly, and the beeping will stop. Locate the batteries, remove the old ones, and put in the new ones, then reboot your system.

Door/ Window Sensor Misalignment

If your sensor is misaligned, it can cause you a hell of an issue. The problem is that these sensors are like magnets; when separated, they alert your system that the door or window was open. 

However, if they are not perfectly aligned to combine, then your system will think that the door is open even if it’s closed. The same concept applies to windows.

Usually, a part of the sensor is installed on the door and the other on the frame. They should be perfectly aligned when the door closes to avoid an ADT alarm going off without reason.

Every so often, check on the alignment of all doors and windows that have the ADT sensors on them to ensure they are closing and connecting with each other just fine.

Garage Door ADT Sensors

Because garages are farther away from the house, they are also away from the internet connection and can fall out of range of your network. Thus, their signal might be weak and, in turn, faulty.

Using a WiFi extender is recommended to help spread your home’s internet connection to further parts of your home, such as the garage. And much like the door/windows sensors, they need to be aligned.

Factors such as weather and the door’s movement can create a gap between the sensor, causing it to malfunction just like the door sensor. It would be best if you also kept an eye out for its battery as it is essential to keep up with it.

Final Thoughts

Is your ADT alarm going off? You might think it is not for any particular reason; however, plenty of factors are behind the scene. It is highly recommended that you keep up with the upkeep that is owning a system.

Checking cameras and sensors is a must to keep everything working correctly. Nevertheless, there are issues you will be unable to fix. Therefore, it is easier to reach out to ADT before the false alarm goes off and cops show up at your front door!