How to adjust focus on Axis cameras

In this article, I explain how to adjust the focus on Axis cameras.

I have a P1365 MK II to use as an example on how to solve this issue.

The image below shows the camera that is a slightly out of focus.

Axis IP camera with no focus

As you can see, on the bottom right of the screen there's a button that gives access to the camera's menu where you can adjust everything that you need.

But before using the camera settings you need to physically adjust the lens...

Adjust the camera lens first

My Axis P1365 MK II uses a varifocal lens, which means I can use the pullers to adjust the camera's field of view and focus. So this is the first step...

Lens puller

Move the pullers to adjust the focus as best as possible.

There are two pullers in a varifocal lens; one for that moves the lens to zoom in/out and the other one for the focus. Make sure you are using the right one.

Use the web interface to improve the focus

To improve the focus, open the camera settings, go the Image >> Focus and click the "Fine-Tune" button to open a new window.

Axis IP camera Fine Tune Focus

Click the button and wait for the camera to adjust the sensor.

It takes some time since the camera moves the sensor back and forth to find the correct position with the exact distance to the lens.

Focus Adjustment Button

The camera displays a message on the top right of the screen as soon as the process is finished and the perfect focus is acquired. (See the picture below)

Focus Adjustment Done

And it's done.

Now your Axis camera has a perfect focus 😉

Video: How to adjust Axis camera focus

Here's a quick video to show you how the entire process work.

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