Yi camera setup and paring issues (solved)

The Yi camera is not perfect, but it is a great affordable option for any homeowner. This article will cover how to solve Yi camera problems when trying to set up and pair the camera.

Yi Home App

The camera might display error messages that show the camera is not pairing with the app. One of which is “Pairing has timed out” To fix this, we will have to dig further into WiFi connection issues and solve those first. 

Below you will find troubleshooting tips and tricks to work on solving the issue as quickly as possible. To start, follow the tips below to eliminate any possibility that your home’s connection is not working properly.

Fixing Yi Camera Connective Issues Troubleshooting

Before we cover how to solve Yi camera problems related to pairing, let’s learn to solve connection problems. To fix this issue, you will need to try a couple of different things in hopes that one of them will correct the error message. 

An error with the network connection can mean an array of different things; thus, you should follow the information below step by step to figure out what works—starting with the easiest and quickest fixes and moving on to the more challenging and time-consuming ones.

Solution #1: Power off, Power on

A quick and simple thing you can do is turn off your phone entirely and then turn it on again. This can help put everything in its place and has been reported to work.

Sometimes, as incredible as it may be, it is as efficient as it is easy. So before moving on to more intricate steps, just restart your phone and try opening the app again.

While waiting for your phone to turn on, restart your router. Restarting your router, more commonly known as power cycling, can clear up any glitches in the system. 

To perform this correctly, power off the router and wait one minute before turning it on again. Much like your phone, it can seem simple but can make a big difference.

Solution #2: Updates, updates, updates.

We all have those days when we click “update tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes. Sometimes bugs create issues in the software/firmware. 

It is imperative to keep all of the devices up-to-date. This includes the camera and your phone. Check the app and your settings for any needed updates to ensure that everything is up to par.

Solution #3: Distance is key

Ever had a person be so far away from you that you couldn’t hear what they were saying? Well, cameras are sometimes like that with their connection to your network. 

If there’s too much distance between the two, it creates a barrier in which they cannot communicate. Thus, it is essential to have minimal distance between your router and your camera.

Think about how far away your camera is from your router. Objects in the way can cause further interference. For instance, are there many walls or floors in between the two? If so, it could be the root of the issue.

If too far away from one another, the connection won’t be able to be stable, and you will most likely experience the Yi Camera “Network Connection Failed” error message, if you want to learn how to fix that issue, read all about it here.

Solution #4: Speed

How fast your WiFi connection also plays a massive role in the connectivity with your camera. To check the speed, you can use your phone and run the download and upload speed tests through websites. 

Your WiFi speed primarily depends on your network provider and how many Mpbs you invest in. The more devices you have connected to your network, the higher the number should be.

Hopefully, the above tricks can solve Yi’s camera problems. Now, let’s go over how to pair your Yi camera successfully.

Pairing Yi Camera

To pair your Yi camera to the app, first, remove the camera from the app to be able to start from scratch. Then open the app and choose the camera; after that, open settings and choose “delete camera.”

Now you have to reset the camera, and to do so, grab a small item such as a paper clip. Be careful not to grab anything pointy, as it could potentially damage the camera. If you want a more detailed guide on how to reset Yi camera, read the article all about it.

Insert the paper clip into the reset button, and hold it down until you hear the camera say, “Reset is successful.”

Yi camera reset button

After the camera is reset, add your camera back into the app by selecting the “+” on your app.

Yi Home Add Camera Button

Select the device, and find the camera you wish to pair it with in the app. If you struggle to find the camera, you can always scan the QR code by looking under the “Select Devices” section. The QR code can often be found under the camera.

Yi 1080- Home camera

Now you need to select the camera, and you should hear it say, “Waiting to connect.” If the message does not play, follow the link, “if you did not hear anything, tap here.”

Yi Home Camera QR code

Choose and select your WiFi, then enter the password to your network. Once you are done selecting your WiFi, select the “Connect to WiFi” button.

Yi 1080 Home camera connect to WiFi

You will then have to point your phone’s camera to the device’s QR code, and you should hear the device say, “QR code scan is successful.” 

Yi Home Camera Added-sucessfully

The camera will connect and enter pair mode. It can take a couple of minutes to fully connect. Once it is finally ready, the camera will announce, “You can start using your camera now.”

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to solve Yi camera problems, pair them correctly, and eliminate any connectivity issues. If any pairing issues occur, you can delete, reset and repair the camera.