Video analytics for CCTV cameras

Have you seen those movies where there is a lot of technology and the CCTV camera can do some really interesting stuff with advanced CCTV video intelligent analysis ? 

Let's understand a bit more about CCTV camera video analytics and see what really can be done in the real world. So keep reading...

When we talk about CCTV camera video analytics, we have to keep in mind that there are limitations that obey the laws of physics, in the movies these limitations practically do not exist, which leads the clients to ask for certain features that are impossible or expensive to implement.

Basically is possible to have intelligence in the cameras or other devices such as DVR, NVR or dedicated servers.

The advantage of IP systems

If you are a fan of analog systems, I'm very sorry to say that most of the video analytics are done using IP cameras and other IP devices, especially the advanced CCTV video intelligent analysis.

So, professionals must learn IP systems and something about CCTV camera video analytics  in order to compete and survive in the CCTV industry.

Camera man

Let's take a look at a list of video analytics that can be found in IP CCTV systems with CCTV camera video analytics:

Example of the CCTV camera video analytics:

  • Motion Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Virtual Line Crossing
  • Enter/Exit area
  • Audio Detection
  • Tampering detection (block the camera view)
  • Focus lost detection
  • People Counting
  • Vehicle license plate recognition
  • Heatmap (heat map indicating the area of most movement)

Example of the server video analytics 

    • Advanced motion detection
    • Face Detection and Recognition
    • Virtual Line Crossing
    • Enter/exit areas
    • Audio Detection
    • Tampering detection (block the camera view)
    • People Counting
    • Vehicle license plate recognition
    • Containers text recognition
    • Behavior recognition (people running or fighting)
    • Loitering (accumulation of people in one place)
    • Escape detection (people coming out of a window, jumping wall, etc.)

    In other cases the intelligence is embedded in a software that will receive the images from the camera to do the analysis of events according to the rules previously established for the advanced CCTV video intelligent analysis.

    It is important to keep in mind that CCTV camera video analytics depends on various factors such as: lighting, object distance, lens aperture, depth of field, size of objects appearing in the scene, speed of movement and many others more.

    Therefore, for CCTV camera video analytics in more complex scenarios it is often necessary to use a software that has a very advanced algorithm and also it is necessary to perform the proper installation of the cameras, besides of course to make all the fine adjustments.

    So now you know a little bit more about video analytics, keep studying and researching about new VA softwares.

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