Security camera tampering detection

If you want to protect your premises, the security camera tampering detection is an intelligent feature that certainly can help you.

Robber preparing to tamper the security camera

Some security cameras such as Hikvision and Hanwha Techwin (former Samsung Techwin) have such features available and usually, it works very well.

Let's talk about this topic...

The tampering detection of security cameras

The video tampering on security cameras is a feature that uses an algorithm to detect the alteration of a scene in realtime and triggers the footage recording and generates alerts with notification via email.

How tampering detection works

The concept is very simple, any sudden change in the scenario can be considered as tampering by the security camera.

If somebody just places a hand in front of the camera to block its visualization or changes the camera position, the algorithm recognizes that as tampering and triggers an alarm to alert people.

Camera alerts

A camera with the tampering feature can send alerts via email everything something happens and this is very useful to take some type of proactive action.

Depending on the camera model, it's also possible to hire a cloud service and send pictures to an FTP server, as long as the camera is properly configured.

The problems with the camera tampering detection

A sudden change of the light in a scene can also trigger an alert as if it was a tampering detection and this is considered a "false positive alert".

It's important to understand this problem and try to work around it.

Some modern security cameras are smart enough to learn and understand that in specific situations the alert shouldn't be generated due to the false positives.

The problems with the camera tampering detection

There are different types of applications for this technology.

Banks are the best examples where the security cameras tampering detection technology is applied to detect and prevent criminal actions.

Since there's the potential for somebody to cover the camera or change its position during a robbery, this feature is very helpful to detect such an event and send alerts to the people in charge of the security.

It's also possible to use such technology in situations where people try to vandalize, brake or spray the security camera in places like streets, schools, night clubs, parking lots, etc.


Security camera tampering detection is technology usually available on high-end products and it's very useful for real-life situations that require immediate action.

If that's your case, consider using such technology.

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