How to add Reolink cameras to Axis Camera Station (via RTSP)

Let's take a look at how to add Reolink cameras to Axis Camera Station.

Yeah, can you have your camera running on this software via the RTSP protocol.

Wait. Can't I use the ONVIF protocol instead? Huummm, not really 🙁

I've tested the setup, and I have more details to share. Keep reading to learn more...

Reolink cameraa are not ONVIF S compliant

That's right. The Reolink cameras are not ONVIF Profile S compliant.

Well, at least most of them aren't. For some reason, Reolink made only ONVIF profile T compliant. The RLC-410W is the exception to this rule but, unfortunately, is a discontinued model.

It's recommended to run the Axis Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool before adding third-party cameras to the software. See the example below.

Reolink camera not ONVIF compliant

The Reolink RLC-510WA did not pass the ONVIF Profile S compliant test

As you can see, my RLC-510WA is not ONVIF Profile S compliant.

At least that's what the Axis software says. right?

Alright, let's check the compatibility directly on the web site.

Reolink camera not compatible with ONVIF profile S

As you can see, the official ONVIF website shows that the Reolink camera is only compliant with Profile T. Unfortunately, the Axis Camera Station does not accept devices that are not ONVIF Profile S compliant.

Axis Camera Station can see the camera in the network, but it pops up an error message when adding them to its database. So, it doesn't work 🙁

Don't start crying yet. There's a solution to this problem.

Add Reolink Camera to ACS via RTSP

Did you know most people use ACS as the short name for Axis Camera Station?

OK. Let's start using ACS when referring to the software, OK?

So, if the ONVIF protocol doesn't work to add a Reolink camera to ACS, we can use the RTSP (Real-Time Stream Protocol). I've tested it, and it works.

Find the RTSP URL for Reolink Cameras

You need to find the RTSP URL (or command) for the Reolink camera.

I usually use the ONVIF Device Manager software, which is a free tool.

The following picture shows the software displaying my Reolink RLC-510WA.

Reolink camera on ONVIF device manager

As you can see, the software shows the live video stream and the RTSP URL.

As long as you have the computer and the camera in the same network, ONVIF Device Manager can find it after entering the camera credentials.

==> To learn more, read the article: ONVIF Device Manager review

Now that you have the Reolink RTSP URL, it's time to add the camera to ACS.

Add the Reolink Camera to Axis Camera Station

Follow the steps below to add the Reolink camera to the Axis Camera station:

  • Open the Axis Camera Station Client;
  • Select the configuration tab;
  • Click on Add devices;
  • Click on "Enter stream URLs...";
  • Type the RTSP URL;
  • Click the "Add" button;
Adding Reolink camera to ACS via RTSP

After adding the camera to ACS, go to the camera menu.

You should see the Reolink camera in the cameras list. 

Reolink camera on Axis Camera Station

Now it's time to test your setup.

Check the live camera stream

Click the View tab on ACS to view your cameras.

Select the Reolink camera, and you may see the live video stream.

Reolink camera on ACS

Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

Yeah, it works that way.

Video: How add Reolink camera to ACS

Here's a quick video that shows the entire process....

Hit the play button to watch it.

Issues running Reolink camera on ACS

Sure, you can add Reolink cameras to ACS (I just did that); however, you must be aware that bad things can happen. No, I'm not kidding...

Axis Camera Station was designed to work with Axis devices, and it runs pretty well that way. It's compatible with the ONVIF and RTSP protocol, but unfortunately, you may find some issues in the integration with third-party cameras.

As you can see, it's not possible to add the camera via the ONVIF protocol, so we had to go with RTSP as an alternative. But still, you may face some glitches.

I've seen some weird pixelization, and the "camera disconnected" message very often in my setup. So it's really annoying.

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It's possible to add Reolink cameras to Axis Camera Station via RTSP protocol; however, you may face some communication issues.

I recommend using the Reolink Client Software to work with Reolink cameras.