LTS Default Password for cameras and recorders

The LTS default password for cameras and recorders varies, you can try one of the following combinations (works only if the the password was not changed).



Default IP address







If you changed the camera's password but don't remember it anymore, the best way to recover it is by contacting the device vendor to ask for help.

How to create a new password for LTS camera

LTS uses software to generate a recovery password based on the device's date, and you just need to ask them to create such a secure code. 

LTS recovery software

Unfortunately, this software is not available for the public, and you need to ask an LTS vendor every time, as shown in the previous picture.

How to find an LTS camera on the network

You can use the IP Portal Software to find the LTS cameras in the network.

Since LTS cameras are manufactured by Hikvision (OEM), you can also use the Hikvision SADP tool, which will work exactly the same way,

LTS IP portal software

If you forgot the LTS camera password and IP address, now you have a way to find it in the network and ask the vendor to create the recovery code.

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