How to View Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV

Ring doorbells are great additions to your home’s security. But only if you can see the footage whenever and wherever you want. In this article, find out how to view Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV.

Reasons to Stream Ring Doorbell on Roku TV

If you have yet to be convinced, there are a couple more reasons to use the Roku TV to live view your camera. After all, bigger is better right?

Big Screen, Little Details

What is the reason behind using a magnifying glass? To make things bigger, right? The same applies here. A bigger screen means that you can see the details of the footage more clearly.

A phone screen is so tiny, so upgrading to a TV screen can help you view your footage and watch it at your disposal. Moreover, it allows various people to view it simultaneously. 

Comfort On Your Own Couch

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch, control in hand, yet your phone is nowhere near you. The doorbell rings, and you want to know who it is. Instead of getting up and checking on your phone or personally, you just have to switch the channel.

It sounds like a dream, right? Well, with a few steps, you too can control and view Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV. This feature will allow you to use just the Roku remote to see your front door. Let’s dive in.

Is There a Ring App on Roku?

Unfortunately, no. Ring has yet to develop and collaborate with Roku to make an app. Though there is not an app option available, there are other various ways to view Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV.

Nevertheless, you can use third-party devices or brands like Google Home, Alexa, etc., to make said connection. Below you will find instructions to do so.

View Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV

To view Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV, you will have to follow the prompts shown on the screen. Keep in mind that you will have to project the Ring Doorbell live footage through a third party as there’s no official Ring app available for download. If you want to learn how to view Axis camera on Roku TV, check out the article.

Using Amazon Alexa

In order to set up the connection, you can utilize the Alexa app and download it straight to your Roku TV. After it’s been downloaded, create an Amazon Alexa account.

Before continuing, you will need to ensure that all the devices you are using, including the Roku TV, Ring Doorbell, and phone, must be connected through the same network.

After launching the app, you should see an “Add” button, click it and then select “Roku Skill.” This will allow you to make a connection between Alexa and your doorbell.

Once you add the skill to your Alexa app, you can use voice commands to open the camera’s live view on your Roku TV screen. Nevertheless, there is another way to display the doorbell on screen.

Lack of Command Recognition from Alexa

If your Alexa device is not recognizing your commands, there are a couple of factors that could be causing this issue. One of which is updating your software to the latest version at all times.

You need to keep all of your Alexa devices up to date and make sure you ask Alexa loudly and clearly for what you want. Do not forget to stand close enough for your Alexa to hear you, and the network connection needs to be stable as well.

Mirroring Your Phone

You can view the live camera footage by opening the Ring app and mirroring your phone onto the TV. It might differ slightly depending if you are using an Android or iPhone.

iPhone Mirroring

You can mirror the Ring app using an iPhone or other iOS device, such as an iPad. This can only be done if you own an Apple TV device that is connected and set up.

If you do, you can launch the Ring app on your phone and open the live camera view. Now open your control center. Depending on your device and how new it is, you either have to swipe down from the top right corner of your device or from the bottom up.

There, you should see a “Screen Mirroring” button, press it and select your Apple TV. Your TV screen should display an AirPlay Passcode, which you need to copy into your device. Once you input the code, you should see your phone’s screen mirrored.

Screen Mirror

Android Mirroring

If you do not own an iOS device, you can also mirror your Android phone and view Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV. Start by turning the TV on and clicking the “Home” button, followed by “Settings” and then “System.”

You should now see and select “Screen Mirroring” and click on “Always Allow” to be able to mirror at any time through the app. Now the screen mirroring feature is enabled but let’s learn how to use it.

Roku Screen Mirror

Install and launch the Ring app. Sign in or set up an account if you don’t have one already. Your Ring Doorbell should already be set up by now, and you should be able to see your camera’s live view.

After that, you can open the camera you want to display on your TV, open the notification panel, and then click on “Screen Mirroring” or “Cast.” Lastly, choose your TV from the list and view your Ring Doorbell on the Roku TV.

Final Thoughts

Now you are aware of how to view Ring Doorbell on a Roku TV, whether you mirror it through an iPhone or Android or even utilize a third party such as Google or Alexa if you wish.