How to connect Yi camera to Alexa

In this article, I show how to connect Yi camera to Alexa.

The Yi camera works with Alexa devices, and you can use voice commands to show the video on the Echo SpotEcho Show, and Fire TV stick.

The requirements

Make sure you meet the following requirement:

  1. The Yi camera app security is installed
  2. You have a Yi camera security account
  3. The Yi camera  is connected with your account
  4. The Amazon Alexa app is installed on your mobile
  5. You have an Amazon Alexa account
  6. You have an Echo Spot, Echo Show or Fire TV

As long as you have all these requirements, you can move to the next step and install the Alexa skill that allows the communication to Yi camera.

Install the Alexa Skill for the Yi camera

Use an easy-to-pronounce name for your Yi camera so Alexa can understand your voice commands to show the camera on the devices.

Avoid using special characters and long names.

Here are some good examples of camera names

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Kitchen
  • Front gate

To install the Yi Skill, open the Alexa app, and follow the steps.

  1. Select the menu icon
  2. Click on "Skills and Games"
  3. Search for "Yi Home Camera"
  4. Click on "Enable to use"
  5. Log in to your Yi account
  6. Click on "Discover devices"
  7. Check if Alexa found your device

See the pictures below that illustrate the process...

Open the Alexa App...

Alexa App icon

Click the "hamburger"menu.

Alexa Menu button

Click The Skill and Games button.

Alexa Skill and games

Search for the Alexa Skill "Yi Home Camera" and enable it.

Yi camera Alexa skill

Log in to the account.

Yi camera login to the account

Click to allow Alexa to discover the device...

Alexa App  Discovering Devices

Check what Alexa found by clicking  "Camera" button

Alexa Devices camera

And here you can see all you cameras.

Yi cameras discovered by Alexa

This process is straightforward, and you should have the Yi camera working with Alexa in less than 5 minutes.

Are you ready to ask Alexa to display video from the camera?

How to use Alexa voice commands

Since Alexa is connected to your Yi account, you give use voice commands to ask "Alexa, show front door" and the voilá, the camera shows up on the device.


Yi cameras are compatible with Alexa, and you can easily link the accounts as long as you follow the instructions from this article.

And now you know how to connect Yi camera to Alexa.

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