How Much Do ADT Batteries Cost [Price Table]

According to current security devices, plugging in is a thing of the past. Let’s talk about the cost of ADT batteries.

Whether you rent or own your home, most home security devices are no longer hardwired. This makes it easy to take your whole security system with you when you move, for instance.

For instance, there are various ADT devices that solely rely on batteries or use them as a backup power source. Hardwired devices are more complex for users to install and often require a technician.

Furthermore, it can be more time-consuming and costly compared to other devices in the market today. Plus, with batteries, you can have your devices running for up to a few years without needing to replace them.

But once the few years are up, you might wonder what the cost of ADT batteries is. Where you can buy them, and which battery you need. You will find the answer to your questions below!

Affordable ADT batteries

The cost of ADT batteries is super affordable and ted to stay in the same price range regardless of model or device. For instance, a central station backup battery can cost around $20—a highly affordable price, especially since it lasts years.

ADT devices that utilize batteries, including any type of sensors, backup units, control panels, cameras, and smoke detectors, can all use third-party batteries and ate not exclusive to ADT.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to buy the correct battery, so it works and powers your devices efficiently and correctly. Online stores and retailers such as Amazon can carry various batteries that ADT devices might need. All at an affordable price.

Longevity of ADT batteries

An essential factor of using batteries is that they must be swapped out for brand new ones every so often. However, it is not so often as some users might think. 

Remember that the battery’s lifespan depends heavily on the device you are using, but most can last a couple of years. 

As an example, the ADT panel’s battery is used as a backup in cases of a power outage and can keep the unit running. The battery can last 3-5 years, and you will be notified when the battery level is below 10%.

Furthermore, other batteries, such as the sensors, can last up to 3-5 years or two years in other models. Though the battery lifespan can fluctuate, it is never considered short.

Be aware that some batteries can only be recharged and have no need to be replaced. However, over the year, the rechargeable battery may begin wasting away and will need a replacement one, this is recommended for every five years of use.

Depending on your plan, you may also get free replacements for your batteries once a year at no extra charge. And this is usually included in most ADT plans so take a look at your contract.

Cost of ADT batteries

Different models and types of ADT batteries have different pricing. This is because they vary in voltage, power, and, consequently, price. Regardless of what battery you need, you have to order another with the same model number and specs.

Below is a table estimating the cost of ADT batteries for the most common devices.

Device NameBattery TypePrice Range
Blue Outdoor CameraCan be purchased only through Blue by ADTBetween $35-$40
Command Smart Security Panel3.7V, 10,000mAH Rechargeable$25
Keypad UnitMostly 4,8V 200mAH Rechargeable$10
Panel Unit7Amps 12V UB1270 batteries$20
Pulse DoorbellCan only only be purchased through ADTBetween $100-$125
Window and Door SensorsCT123A batteries$20

If you have doubts about what battery you should get, try searching for the battery’s model to ensure you have the correct one before purchasing.

To check the model, remove the battery from the device, inspect it carefully, and search the model found online. You can also check for the amperage and voltage on the battery and ensure the new one is the same amount.

Using this information, you can locate the model and choose the one you need in online stores. You can also search for the old model’s number on Amazon to find a new one.

What happens if the ADT battery dies?

Before the battery runs out, you will receive notifications a whole before to give you time to purchase the replacement. These notifications will come via the app and the alarm system.

Furthermore, ADT panels can also beep once the battery when the levels are low and are soon going to expire. Thus, you will have plenty of time to replace the batteries before they die off. If you need to know what happens to ADT Alarm when the power goes out, check out the article1

Nevertheless, you should replace them as quickly as possible to keep your security system from being compromised. When the battery dies, the alarm can go off, and the police will be notified.

False alarms can end up costing your money only if the local police bill ADT. Then you will need to pay for it through your monthly bill. You will then have to pay for the false alarm fines and the battery’s replacement.

If your system starts beeping, then you should stop the beeping as soon as possible and replace the battery. 

Final Thoughts

The cost of ADT batteries is meager and affordable. Apart from the long list of places where they can be bought. Whether you purchase them from ADT, a reseller, or a third party like Amazon.

The best thing to do is to Google the expired battery’s model to then order the model online. If you cannot find the battery anywhere, which should be very rare, then you can reach out to ADT’s customer service. They will be able to tell you the exact model you require.

The best part is that the batteries last a while and can go up to 3-5 years without needing to be changed. Additionally, batteries inside ADT cameras are rechargeable too, making it easy on users.