Hikvision cameras removed from US Army base (security issues)

Due to several incidents of security breaches and even suspected espionage, Hikvision cameras have been removed from a US military base.

Security is something that must be taken very seriously, especially if we are talking about the most powerful army on the planet.

Hikvision camera rejected

Hikvision IP cameras have a history of security issues, sometimes this kind of problem can lead to equipment rejection or removal, just like the one that happened on a US military base.

The decision against Hikvision

In addition to security flaws in the cameras over the years, there is also the fact that the Chinese government is one of Hikvision's owners.

It is a matter of concern to a country such as the United States that security devices manufactured by the government of another country are installed in sensitive and strategic points as a military base.

The news seriously shakes the confidence of large companies in Hikvision's products, as no one wants to have the risk of having their privacy invaded because some issues related to the security cameras .

How this affects the security market

Security issues related to Hikvision and other Chinese manufacturers such as Dahua have been frequent in recent years, but those problems are not affecting the market for these products in countries where price is a concern.

In many small and medium-sized projects, decision-makers are not even aware of the security problems that are attributed to these manufacturers and therefore do not impose resistance to purchase those products.

Hikvision Low Price Camera

The scenario is different however in large projects where there are professionals who work in the analysis and approval of the equipment. They are usually people who are aware of news related to technology and certainly take these security factors against Hikvision into consideration.

Professionals who work with residential projects and small businesses have nothing to worry about because their clients are not aware of the situation and decide to pay for products at the lowest possible cost.

News around the world

On Jan. 12, 2018, a major newspaper in the United States called the Wall Street Journal posted the story about the removal of Hikvision security cameras from the army base and also reported that the congressional committee plans to hear about risks that the products of the Chinese manufacturer Hikvision can bring to small businesses in the USA.

Wall Street Journal

Army Rips Out Chinese-Made Surveillance Cameras Overlooking U.S. Base

On the same date of January 12, 2018, the British newspaper Daily Mail.com published the news about the problem in the American military base.

Noticias Daily Mail

Army base removes Chinese-made surveillance cameras as experts raise concerns amid security fears

The newspaper The Hill located in Washington D.C. published the article on  Hikvision security issue on the date of January 12, 2018,

The Hill

US Army base removes Chinese-made surveillance cameras

News also in the American Military News newspaper dated January 12, 2018 on the removal of Hikvision cameras at the US base.

American Military News

US Army base takes down Chinese-made security cameras

News about the problem with the Hikvision cameras at the American base also reported by the Russian newspaper on the date of January 12, 2018,

Sputnik news

Espionage Fears Spur US Army Base to Replace Chinese Security Cameras

Previous issues involving Hikvision

It is not the first time that Hikvision faces camera removal issues from products installed in different locations around the world.

In 2016 Hikvision cameras were removed from the US embassy in Afghanistan due to the fact that the company belongs to the Chinese government.

In 2017 there were other cases of the US government and the US Air Force also canceling the purchase of Hikvision products.

Genetec also removed integration with Hikvision in its product line to keep the system safe and reliable for their customers.

Your Role as a CCTV Professional

As a qualified professional, you should be aware of possible problems related to any manufacturer of security cameras, as this is not only the case with Hikvision, but since it is a major manufacturer, its importance in participating in the global market is undeniable.

You must always provide the best for your client without putting his safety at risk, after all your are a good professional, aren't you?

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