Fix: Arlo Video Doorbell Not Connecting to WiFi

If your Arlo doorbell is not connecting to WiFi, there are a few steps you can try to fix the problem. Let’s go over them.

Whether you are having issues with a brand-new device, or your old one, it can be quite frustrating to go through this. The issue can root from lack of updates, software problems, incorrect setup, or unstable internet connection.

Arlo Doorbell

Solutions To An Arlo doorbell Not Connecting To WiFi

By following the troubleshooting tips outlined below, your Arlo doorbell issue can be solved rather quickly. If you need help with any of them, you can always contact Arlo customer service to receive technical support.

Setting up the unit from the start is a great way to establish the connection adequately. Begin by scanning the QR code included with your Arlo device. Once you do so, the device should beep.

If the app is having trouble connecting to your device, take a look at the doorbell’s LED indicating lights. Lights that are flashing amber to solid white mean that there was an error and the doorbell cannot connect to your local network.

Reasons For The Error

There are a couple of reasons why your Arlo doorbell is not connecting to WiFi. First off, ensure you are selecting the correct network and inputting the password properly. 

Watch out for letters and numbers that look alike, such as the letter O and the number 0. Furthermore, most passwords are case-sensitive, meaning you have to type upper-case letters as upper case. You will need to have said letters in lowercase to grant you access to the WiFi.

Your router must be at a reasonable distance from the doorbell. The farther away from the router, the weaker the signal. To increase the connection signal, you can move the router closer to your Arlo doorbell.

If that is not an option for you, investing in WiFi extenders is a great and affordable option. WiFi extenders, also known as range extenders or wireless repeaters, are devices used to amplify a WiFi network’s range and coverage. 

They work by receiving the signal from the main router or access point and then re-broadcasting it to areas of the home that may not have strong enough coverage. 

This can be useful for improving connectivity in large homes or extending the network range to reach areas such as a backyard or, in your case, the front door.

In addition, the Arlo doorbell requires a 2.4 GHz network to function appropriately. Check that your WiFi meets said criteria. Another critical factor is having VPN turned off, as it may cause connection issues between the router and the device.

Lastly, check your phone, doorbell, and the Arlo app for needed updates. Outdated software tends to bring up a lot of issues and cause trouble. You certainly don’t want that!

Resetting The Device.

If the troubleshooting tips we covered above did not solve your issue, and your Arlo doorbell is not connecting to WiFi, it is best to reset it. The reset procedure is quite simple and can be performed manually or through the app.

The instructions can be found on the official Arlo website or the user’s manual of your device. Here are the instructions to reset your Arlo doorbell:

  1. Locate the reset button on the back of the doorbell. It is a small button that is typically recessed into the back of the doorbell.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. You may need to use a small object, such as a paperclip, to press the button.
  3. Release the reset button and wait for the doorbell to restart. This may take a few minutes.
  4. Once the doorbell has restarted, you can attempt to set it up again using the Arlo app. Ensure your WiFi password is handy, as you will need to enter it during the setup process.

Keep in mind that resetting your Arlo doorbell will return it to its factory default. Meaning all of the data and settings will be erased, and you will have to set up the device from scratch.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if your Arlo Video Doorbell is not connecting to WiFi, there are several steps you can try to fix the issue. Nevertheless, if you are still having trouble, try contacting Arlo customer support for further assistance. 

It is essential to troubleshoot and fix any issues with the WiFi connection, as this is a crucial component for the proper functioning of your Arlo Video Doorbell.