How Much Does a Security Camera System Cost?

Installing home security systems is not just about the cost of the security camera.

It also means the expenses you will incur on installation, professional fees on monitoring, maintenance, and other additional services.

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The cost of home security systems includes the unit, installation, professional monitoring, and subscription plans combined. Let us discuss these details.

Security Camera Equipment Prices

Included in home security systems are security cameras, motion sensors, control panels, NVRs (Network Video Recorder), DVRs (Digital Video Recorder), motion alarms, smart locks, automatic lights, and many more.

Combining the costs of these items basically make up the cost of a home security system, everything depends on the type of system and brand you want to use.

High-end brands cost too much

Professional well-known brands such as Panasonic, Bosch, Pelco, Axis, Avigilon, etc cost too much for a home system, so I don't recommend you use them.

I used to work as CCTV engineer and use those cameras in large business projects that cost millions of dollars, so I guarantee they are not the models designed for home installation, so if the price is a concern it's better to use the other brands.

Intermediate brands and prices

For those wondering how to save money on a security camera system, buy equipment designed for home use such as Hikvision, Dahua, Zosi, Wyze, Arlo, etc. 

This will help you reduce the cost of a security camera system.

To give you an overall idea about costs, you can buy a Wyze Cam home wireless cam for a basic monitoring for around $25.

If you need a security camera system with 8 cameras, a good pick is a kit such as the ZOSI Full HD 1080P PoE Video Security Cameras which has everything you need for less than $400 and that's a good deal for a home security system.  

You can also pick a Hikvision Kit for around $650 and that's a well-known brand that competes with the largest security manufacturers in the world. 

As you can see the cost of a security camera system ranges from $25 to $650 depending on your needs and how many cameras you want to install.

Security Camera Installation Fees

Installing hard-wired security systems means drilling holes and running the cables on your own. Or you can also hire professionals to do the job for you. Which means additional expenses with installation fees.

Most of the security cameras installation fees range from $0 to over $3500.

However, if you set up a DIY security system for your home, there is no need for you to spend even a single dime on the installation.

In cases when you need to hire an expert to do the installation for you, they might charge you up over $100 for each security device. That is, this is in cases when you do not have a DIY home security system and you acquired one commercially.

==> Those are the average cost for the United State.

How to lower the security camera installation fees

To lower the cost of your home security systems, you may opt for PoE security systems. These require only one Ethernet cable to connect each PoE IP camera.

Therefore, you will be able to install these security systems easily. And the best thing about this is there is no need for you to pay for any installation fees.

You can also use a wireless security camera system, which does not need any drilling and therefore, no hassles and reduced installation costs.

Wireless security systems do not need the permission of your landlord before you can install one if you are renting an apartment.

As an example, take a look at this ZOSI Wireless Security Cameras System that costs less than $300 and it's very easy to install even without technical skills.

And besides, you can install it anywhere in your new home and reposition it as much as you like without being liable to anybody.

Security camera additional service fees

The price of additional services like cloud storage, smart home automation plans, and paid third-party software to control your home security system are also included in the cost of a home security system.

However, you must always take note that these costs depend on your security needs. That is, either you subscribe to the additional service plans or not.

In other words, if your needs are met by the basic offer, then there is no point in you using extra services. This means savings on your home security camera cost.

==> Just in case you want to record your security cameras in the cloud, I recommend you to read the article: CCTV camera cloud recording.

Just as an example, if you want to record your cameras in the cloud using the the price is $5.99 per camera for 7-day recording plan.

I recommend you to visit the Angelcam website for more information.

Security camera system as a service

There are other fees that need to be considered which contribute to the total cost of a home security system. That is, aside from those fees mentioned above.

Let us get to know what these other factors are before you spend for your home security system.

Consider renting a security camera system

There may be instances when you need a home security system, but your budget might not be enough to cover the cost of your home security system.

If this is the case, then you might consider if you should buy or rent a security system for your home, especially if you are renting the place for a short time and still don't know if you can take the security system to the next house.

Renting a home security system for your home may seem like a budget-friendly solution. However, before you get the wrong ideas or jump into any conclusion, check this out first:

Compare the costs of buying and renting a security home system.

Basically, the cost of a home security camera for rent is around $20 to $60 per month. This will be about $240 to $720 per year.

Renting service providers would generally require a one year to three years monitoring contract. This means that the estimated cost of a home security system for rent would be about $2,160. This is equal to, or might even be more expensive than a home security system for sale which is about $100 to $2000.

The pros of renting a security camera system

Of course you need to consider that by hiring a security system, usually you have a technical support team to solve all the problems the system might have, but you still have to honor the long term contract.

In cases of renting home security systems, the ownership of the security system is enjoyed by the security system service providers.

The cons of renting a security camera system

Once the contract is terminated and after spending too much for their services, you need to return the home security system equipment to them.

And remember, these companies might charge you with early termination fees if and when you decide to discontinue with the contract.

Aside from that, if you have the privilege of owning your security system after purchasing one, you can take it down in case you change homes and set it up in your new place and that can save you some money.

Final words

A lot of factors contribute to the home security threat. Therefore, what better way to prevent or avoid this than by installing a home security system.

However, one must be wise and practical in acquiring such equipment. With the tips and pointers mentioned above, here is hoping you make the right decision in keeping your home safe and secure.

The cost of home security systems depends on what you want.

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