Foscam camera

How can I transmit CCTV camera’s video wirelessly?

Having a remote device to access your camera’s footage at anytime sure sounds terrific. But can it be done? Is it possible to transmit CCTV camera’s video wirelessly?First off, you should be aware that it all might come down to the type of CCTV camera you own. As we have previously talked about in other articles, […]

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CnVision client mini on my hands

Outdoor wireless camera transmitter and receiver for CCTV (cnVision)

In this article, I review an outdoor wireless camera transmitter and receiver for CCTV that allows us to send the video from IP cameras over long distances.The equipment analyzed is the cnVision Client Mini manufactured by Cambium Networks, a company specialized in this type of professional solution.I received three pieces of equipment in my laboratory […]

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