The ONVIF profile T

ONVIF Protocol: Profile T (Advanced Video Streaming)

The ONVIF profile T was created to address advanced video stream capabilities which include motion detection, video analytics, and H.265 CODE support.The standard was published in July 2017 as a release candidate which means the protocol was not stable and well-tested yet. ==> If you don’t know what ONVIF is, please read the article: How […]

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ONVIF protocol

ONVIF protocol, the benefits and drawbacks

The ONVIF protocol is used by most of the  IP camera manufacturers and has been very important to keep systems compatibility in the security industry.In this article, I will explain what are the different profiles used by this protocol and also what are its advantages and the drawbacks. Just Keep reading. What is ONVIF?ONVIF stands […]

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What is PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

PoE switch for IP cameras (how to reduce installation costs)

Are you looking for a solution to easily  power your IP cameras? You just got to the right place. You will learn how a PoE Switch can solve your problem. ==> PoE stands for Power Over Ethernet, it is a technology to power devices such as IP phones, routers and IP cameras over network cables.  You […]

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How does Onvif work

ONVIF is a worldwide industry standard protocol for video surveillance interconnection between IP cameras. DVRs, NVRs and VMSs. Most modern IP CCTV devices are ONVIF compliant and use some of its profiles.Founded in 2008 by Axis, Bosch, and Sony, today ONVIF already has more than 500 members and more than 5,000 products that are compatible […]

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