Annke DVR PTZ Menu

How to reset Annke TVI camera to factory default

In this article, I explain how to reset an Annke TVI camera to the factory default setting using a DVR that can send commands via coaxial cable.This article applies to the following models.C51FD/CT1AB/CT1AC/CT1AD/CT1AE/CT1AF/CT1CC/CT1GD/CT1GE/CT1GF/C51BH/C51BG/C51BL/C51BM/CT1DL/CT1DM/CR1BM/CR1BN/CR1BJ/CR1BL/CT1DR/CT1DS/CT1BG/CT1BF/CT1DC/CR1BK/CR1BB/CR1BGThe camera OSD menuYou can have access to an IP camera menu via a web browser, but that’s not the case with analog cameras, so […]

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