Arlo Camera is Stuck On Firmware Update (Solved)

Firmware updates are a must-have, but not when it keeps your camera from working. In this article, learn fixes for when your Arlo Camera is stuck on firmware update. 

When an Arlo camera gets stuck, it can keep the camera from functioning correctly, thus leaving your house vulnerable. Your security camera system should be one of your priorities, and you should ensure that they are always on.

The error message for these scenarios usually says, “Firmware Update in Progress.” You will also be prompted to “Do Not Remove Batteries.” Nevertheless, if you take out the batteries or unplug the power cable, the message will still show.

Though this error can at times fix itself automatically, most times, you do not want to wait that long. So here are some tips and tricks to try when your Arlo Camera is stuck on firmware update.

Arlo Camera is stuck on firmware update– Troubleshooting.

The methods below have been confirmed to work for various Arlo cameras, so follow the steps carefully.

Base reboot

First, press the Arlo Pro base station’s power button to turn it off entirely. It should be located at the back of the device. The power should be left off for a minimum of ten minutes.

While you wait, remove the camera’s battery for five minutes before placing it back into the device, and then press the button on the back of the base again. It should then turn on once again and reboot everything entirely.

Once the reboot has finished, and everything is back on, ensure that the app is not asking for a firmware update. If it is, allow all of them and wait. Your camera should now update to the latest firmware without getting stuck.

Camera’s Battery

If the process of removing the power and backup battery from the base station as instructed above, you can try removing the battery directly from the camera if it is not flashing a blue or amber color. 

After a few minutes, place the batteries in again and let the camera sync to the base one again.

Unstable Internet Connection

At times, your WiFi strength can play a big role in the progress of your update. If the internet is unstable, it will take longer for the update to process and may leave your Arlo Camera stuck on firmware update.

Test out your connection by searching for something on your phone. If the WiFi is slow, reboot your router to jumpstart a better connection.

Unsync App

Moreover, you might try to remove the camera entirely from its connection to the app and move it to a new location closer to the base. Popping a new set of batteries before syncing the camera to the app again can fix your problem.

Leave the camera updating as near to the base station as possible for a few hours or preferably overnight. This camera placement will be temporary and then, after the update is done, place the camera back on its spot.

Video Playing

If your Arlo Camera is stuck on firmware update after attempting to remove the base’s battery, you can try another hack to try to fix it. This requires you to access the library of the stuck camera and check for the saved recordings. Play one of the stored recordings.

If the video begins playing, return to the Devices page and check on the update again. The upgrade should usually vanish, and the camera will be online and fully functional.

These bugs in Arlo’s software can cause many of these problems and prevent the camera from functioning. 

Reset through App

If you log into the app, you might try to reset the base station directly from there a couple of times to check if it helps the update go through. If you need to reset the base and cannot do it in the app for any reason, you can do it manually by pressing and holding the button on the back of the device for a few seconds.

Final Thoughts

If Arlo Camera is stuck on firmware update and none of the above methods have worked, contact Arlo’s support team for any necessary assistance.

Have the camera’s serial number, model, and purchase date ready as they will ask you for it, and allow them to help you out with this problem. If you encounter any other issues with Arlo Error, check out the articles we have on that!