ADT Alarm Engineer Reset Required (Solved)

Is your ADT Alarm displaying “Engineer Reset Required” message? Here is how you can fix it and reach out to ADT for help.

This message can pop up on ADT alarms like the Galaxy series models and signifies that a technician is needed to fix the said error. However, as a homeowner, this can be stressful.

But before contacting ADT and having them schedule a technician to fix your alarm, you might want to try troubleshooting it yourself first.

The message also means that your system will be down and, thus, compromised. That is why it is crucial to fix it as quickly as possible so your alarm can be back online.

Why you are seeing “Engineer Reset Required” message

As previously mentioned, the error “Engineer Reset Required” message can appear on the ADT Galaxy series and indicates an internal component malfunction or misconfiguration that needs an ADT engineer or specialist to address it.

But don’t worry. The issue is not always on the homeowner’s end and can be an ADT issue. Nevertheless, the user manual for the ADT Galaxy model claims that this issue “require an engineer to visit the site and, after investigation, reset the system.”

Can the “Engineer Reset Required” message be bypassed?

You will need an engineer or specialist’s passcode to get rid of the error message. But that’s easier said than done as none of the passwords can be found online, and only ADT employees have access to it.

Furthermore, even if you enter the master code, the alarm system will continue to be non-functional and require an engineer reset. This can leave users with limited options. 

Some attempt to disable the ADT alarm, remove the sensor, and put it back together. But this can be too complex for a homeowner and can even void your system’s warranty and breach your ADT contract.

Thus, taking your alarm apart is a no go as it will cause more bad than good and end up costing you more in the long run. So let’s look at your options.

Is there a charge for ADT Service Request?

If your alarm displays the “Engineer Reset Required” message, then ADT will not charge you for a technician to come to your home and fix the error. This is because the maintenance of your devices is included in your contract and subscription.

However, if you tampered with or tried opening and messing with your alarm as stated above, you would create a warranty violation and would be charged by the company.

However, if the system was tampered with by an intruder, then you will have to present ADT with a police report, and then your contract will not be considered breached, and you will not be billed for requesting a technician to fix the error message.

Nevertheless, you can do a few things as a user that will not tamper with the alarm but could fix the “Engineer Reset Required” message.

Fixing “Engineer Reset Required” message

Below you will find a couple of troubleshooting tips that you can try. These are not guaranteed to eliminate the error message but could fix it before you need a technician to fix it for you.

Enter the master code

Though it might not work, you can always try typing in your own password by hitting the back button and entering your personal password. Then allow the system to refresh and see if the error vanished.

Power Cycling

Without a power source, there cannot be an “Engineer Reset Required” message. Therefore, you can try turning off the ADT alarm by simply unplugging it from the outlet. 

If there are batteries, you will need to remove them, too, as the system uses batteries as a backup system if there is a power outage. After removing any power source, wait two minutes and reinstall them both. The message should vanish.

Want to know more about what happens to your ADT Alarm when the power goes out? Read all about it in the article.

Main components

If the message is persistent and will not go away, you can try taking a look at the following parts:

The app

Launch the MyADT app on your phone; you can download it on the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. Take a look at the screen, are there any error messages? 

At times there can be options to turn off the error. If not, move on but ensure you have updated your phone and app to the latest possible version.

ADT account

Like the app, you can log in to your account on your computer via a web browser. To do so, open and log in with your credentials. Hopefully, you find a solution there, or a message will show.

You should check this because the app is more limited than the web interface. The online portal has additional troubleshooting guides and more intricate notifications like alerts for server outages, malfunctions, or when ADT services are down.

Sensor check

Lastly, you can attempt to check if something is setting off the sensors for no reason. To do this, check your doors, window sensors, and thresholds to guarantee no obstacles are blocking its path.

Contacting ADT for “Engineer Reset Required” message

Below you will find how to contact ADT and schedule an appointment with a technician. They will usually take a few days to come to your house and fix the issue, so be patient.

Online Appointment

One of two ways you can schedule an appointment with an ADT engineer is to log into your account via browser, locate the My Account tab, and click on “Service Appointment.”

You will be prompted to select a date and schedule a technician visit. This tab also allows you to make changes to your appointment, reschedule or make more than one appointment.

The portal will also estimate how long the issue will take for the specialist to fix. And you should be on the lookout for a call from the technician around half an hour before your scheduled time to confirm your appointment. 

Calling ADT

Another way to ask for an appointment is by contacting ADT’s customer service line by calling (800) 587-4198. The representative will ask for your contact information, password, location, system information, and your verified ownership of the alarm.

They will then let you know the time slots and dates available for you to have a technician fix the “Engineer Reset Required” message.

Final Thoughts

When you are faced with an “Engineer Reset Required” message, there are a few hacks you can attempt. However, if you can wait for a technician, it is better.

Plus, it is free of charge and requires you to do no work or tamper with the device.